African Women Lawyers Association Celebrates Widows, Vows Continued Support

The Rivers State Coordinator of the African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA), Barr (Mrs) Gloria Ohia has expressed gratitude for the association’s progress in protecting the rights and interests of women and children, particularly widows.

Ohia who spoke to journalists during the commemoration of the International Widows’ Day at the Chapel of God International Worship Center, Lasien Pavilion, Forces Avenue on Sunday, disclosed the association’s efforts to support widows, including providing legal representation, financial assistance, and other resources.

Expressing gratitude to it’s partner and sponsor, O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation, the AWLA state Coordinator also highlighted the association’s work in advocating for laws and rights related to women’s property ownership, gender equality, and protection from violence.

“The African Women Lawyers Association is committed to empowering widows and ensuring they can access the legal remedies available to them,” Ohia stated, adding,. “We encourage widows to speak up and pursue their rights, as we continue to fight for their well-being and dignity.” Mrs. Ohia who took over the relm of leadership from the former Coordinator, Hilda Ihekuare following a recent election, reiterated her continued efforts to further the association’s mission and support for widows in the Rivers State region.

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