Stakeholders Back Oil Resumption In Ogoni

Stakeholders from Ogoni ethnic nationality in Rivers State have called for resumption of oil exploration in the area.

The stakeholders made the call Monday, during a parley with journalists in Port Harcourt.

The statesmen spoke through a former Senator in the area, Dr Benneth Birabi. Others present in the meeting isthe President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Andah Wai-Ogosu and the Chairman of Gbokabaari, Mike Baah.

They are advocating to be in control of the resource as a condition to kick-start the production.

Speaking, Birabi noted that Ogoni people have always supported it that production activities should return in the land but this time not to treat them as slaves or mere prawns on a chess board which the people earlier fought against.

He said the people have paid the supreme price in the cause of the struggle, losing a generation of its elders, fathers to the struggle, hence they deserve nothing short of equity and humane treatment as terms for resumption.

He said, “From the Ogoni position, we are ready for the resumption of oil production, but having paid such a huge price over the last 30 years, the operations cannot be on the same terms that we fought against and died for.

“The Operatorship of our oil fields must speak Ogoni language. This will ensure the altruistic management of our environment and the Socio-Economic benefits from the operations while the NNPC Ltd can keep all the proceeds as has been the practice by the colonial federal set up.

“I can bet that there is no Ogoni man/woman in any of the gold/uranium mines anywhere in the Northern Nigeria.”

He assured that Ogoni have capable and qualified indigenes to Mann do the job, noting that there are not more than two persons, himself and Baah that are still alive among the pioneers of the struggle.

The group maintained that Ogoni people are no prepared to go through what they went through earlier. On his part, MOSOP President, Wai-Ogosu noted that the people of Ogoni are open for oil resumption, but they should be given the chance to control their resource.

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