MOSOP President, Engr. Wai-Ogosu Denies Allegation Of Ties To Oil Interests

Resigns From Ogoni Resources & Energy Limited

The President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Engr. Olu Andah Wai-Ogosu, has distanced himself from an Ogoni energy company and denied accusations of serving as a front for oil interests.

In a statement issued in Port Harcourt, Thursday, Wai-Ogosu addressed the “malicious and frivolous claims of mischief makers” circulating on social media, clarifying that he had previously sought, along with others, to develop a “best practice model” to promote community ownership and participation in the oil industry in Ogoniland.

He said: “As a leading environmentalist in the country and expert in Natural Resource Management (NRM), I had sought with others for a best practice model that will promote community ownership, inclusive beneficiation and effective community participation in the value chain of the oil industry should there be an opportunity for discussion for possible resumption of oil exploration in Ogoniland in the future”.

However, recognizing the potential conflict of interest, Wai-Ogosu has since withdrawn his membership from the Ogoni Royal Resources & Energy Limited (OGRRE) and dissociated himself from the company.

“For the umpteenth time and for record purposes, I want to state categorically that I Engr. Andah Wai-Ogosu, do hereby notify the general public that I cease to be a part of Ogoni Royal Resources & Energy Limited (OGRRE) and dissociate myself from everything thereto,” he declared.

The MOSOP President emphasized his role as a “solution provider” and expressed his conviction that there will be a discussion on the way forward in the protracted imbroglio between the Federal Government of Nigeria, Shell, and the Ogoni people.

According to him, “Over the years, I have been known as a solution provider and in the face of the protracted imbroglio between the Federal Government of Nigeria, Shell and the Ogoni people, I am convinced that one day, there would be a discussion on the way forward,”.

The news of Wai-Ogosu’s resignation from the Ogoni energy company comes as the Ogoni people continue to grapple with the legacy of environmental degradation and the struggle for the betterment of the lives of the people.

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