Opobo Elder Commends Gov. Fubara’s Leadership Style

In a time of increasing political divisiveness across Nigeria, Rivers State has remained a beacon of stability and progress under the leadership of Governor Sim Fubara.

Making this assertion while speaking to journalists over the weekend, the Head of the Cockeye Brown Group of Houses of ancient Opobo Kingdom, Alabo Edwin Cockeye Brown said governor Fubara has distinguished himself through his commitment to peace-building and his ability to rise above partisan bickering.

“The Ijaws are known for their peaceful temperament, and Governor Fubara has embodied that tradition since he was sworn in as the executive governor of river’s state “, he said, adding, “Even in the face of tremendous provocation from his detractors, he has steadfastly refused to retaliate, instead focusing on the work of moving Rivers State forward.”

Alabo Cockeye-Brown who is a prominent member of the Opobo Elder Statesmen-4-Sim noted that the governor’s measured approach has stood in stark contrast to the antagonistic politics seen in other parts of the country.

Despite facing “insults and attacks” in recent months, the governor has maintained his composure, drawing on his upbringing and deep faith in God, to navigate the challenges before him. 

This noble quality am sure was the reason the former governor saw in him and gave him the opportunity of succeeding him in office.

He went on: “Any other governor might have lashed out, but Sim is different.

He has the fear of God and the well-being of his people at the forefront of his mind.

That is why he has been able to keep Rivers State stable and united, even in the midst of turmoil elsewhere.”

As the state continues to make strides in areas like infrastructure development, education, and healthcare, Alabo Cockeye-Brown is calling on all “well-meaning people of Rivers State to rally round the Governor and work towards bringing back the lost glory” to the state”. With Fubara’s steady leadership and the support of the community, the future of Rivers State looks bright, providing a model of constructive governance that other states would do well to emulate.

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