Our Christian Challenge (2)

By Dr. (Barr) Faraday Iwuchukwu
Even a blind man or woman is capable of knowing by listening or observing with other sensitive organs of the body that our Nation Nigeria has been trivialized and balkanized severally by

a. Religious Fundamentalism
b. Fractured political insensitivity
c. Weakened and Wobbling insensitive leadership disability
d. Deeply threatened by voracious ethnic aspirations. What type of democracy are we really in need to change things for good? Having tried British unitary system of Government; American system of government, perhaps we can try what someone suggested as Aboriginal or Native Nigerian democracy which demands that we should embrace a concentration on our improved cultural cum historical evolutionary modernity that must have a global realism appeal. This will no doubt result to political indigenization or Nativity or Nigerianization or Nigerianizm. This will lead us to discarding the political democratic mysticism, Satanism, elitism and bureaucracy evident in our extant experience.

Are you with me?

Beuarocratic obstacles and unhealthy competitions among the agencies of government for the control of local, state and national resources or possessions of governmental influences, non-scientific obsessions of crude oil, information gathering like politicians engaging in visits to archaic juju priests, marabouts, religion, charlatans, ritualists, using voodoo, charms, wearing of amulets for assumed personal safety, unhealthy political rivalries scheming within governments to the political health of the nation. Evil must be condemned by all. There is no record of any other state governor in Northern Nigeria (except Gov. Markafi of Kaduna State) who publicly showed deep concern over the mindless nefarious burning of Christian churches in the North. Available records show that at least 300 Christian church buildings had been burning but only two mosques were burnt by the Islamist fundamentalists and hundreds of innocent people also killed. Governor Markarfi then demonstrated non-discriminatory leadership courage. The result of the ended National conference must be insulated from the ambitions of the delegates. It is God’s will for us to practice the politics of self-respect, citizens control and deep appreciation. President John F. Kennedy once stated “Don’t negotiate out of fear” Prof. Bola Ajibola the then deputy chairman of that just National conference stated thus “Let us not ignore grievances in Nigeria “(Nation Newspaper June 2014 Page 24): Regrettably there is a global attention at the doorstep of Nigeria for the wrong reason of serial carriage, pain, fear, brutality, sadness, violence, terror ineptitude, pure madness and extreme wickedness. Wars have terrible consequence eg. Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Somalia, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen Syria, Philipians, Malasia, Uganda etc. Let our core focus be on principles in politics, and to add positive value to whatever we do in political governance whereby at the end of your tenure you could acquit yourself creditably that you have delivered enough positive dividends of democracy. Democracy is not the voting, it is the correct counting of the votes and the fact that political landscape can be littered with pitfalls, and the unexpected though you may not know the nature of such things. Behold and prayerfully however.

Determine to create a stable peaceful Godly environment that can attract both local, national and international investors to your jurisdiction. Avoid destrouing democracy with democracy.”You will never know the joys of victory until you have been at the valley of despair” – Richard Nexon. Know that every experience is a learning process in life in case you are new in politics or face unexpected challenges. Know that with “ the British where nothing is white or black” in politics nothing is may be clearly defined but your Christian conscience and grooming must deal with each thing accordingly.

There may be no absolutes in life or permanent friends in politics, but there may be permanent interests which you must understand. Every Christian needs a personal prophet and counselor like King David who had prophet Nathan. Self pride not withstanding learn to standby God’s word at all times so that God would stand with you at all times. There is the need for mentorship in politics. Realists don’t dabble into politics without understanding the vagaries. Be in politics to serve not to be served because it is always an honour to serve. Be conscious of the values you hold dear and your pedigree and background matter in everything. “Bonitas Disciplina Scientia “This means goodness, discipline and knowledge should not depart from you’ Beware you are in politics to do your job in humility. Good passionate and visionary leadership should be a “Sina-qua non” for social and national development. Our problems in Nigeria is that we have had wrong leaders with wrong values. A lot of Zikists, Awoists, Aminuists tag bearers who fallen short of the Ideals and dreams of these great leaders. What and who are your enemies in goverances? Ignorance and poverty or political rivals? Why is Nigeria still bed wetting at 57+ yrs? (per Prof. Pius Adesanmi Sunday Sun 16/3/2014 Pg 64) Does this demand a deeper not sober reflection? “There is a road that we have not taken (in Nigeria)according to Robert Frost, an American Poet who succinthy put it thus this way “ The road not Taken” Remarkably, at any moment of decision “The best thing you can do is the right thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing” This is an executive recklessness and persons in our public settings treating our public funds as if these resources are private possessions. These and more can’t be trace to our constitution! It is God’s will for Christians in politics to generate the energy and political expertise could commence the execution of the reports of Oputa Panel which Alhayi Shehu Shagari and many other Nigerians adjusted as the best ever in Nigeria.

What cojent and convincing reason do we have or rather our Leaders have for not implementing Oputa’s Panel about the 2014 National Conference resolve?

It is God’s will in politics that genuine believers should do their utmost best to usher in a change in our National character as and through divine instrument. It is God’s will in politics for us to possess and exercise the power to make this the best generation of human beings in this world Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream of almost 50 years ago has materialized in the birth and emergence of a black American, President – Barrack Obiama. Karl Max in communist classless society in soviet union had his vision realized in 1948 China. What about Nelson Mandela of South Africa’s non-racial society which was tagged rainbow society? Frederick Roosevelt also who reached pragmatically in 1933. American economic depression and today America has not only risen to dominate but risen to determine the world’s political economy.

Nigeria can only be built by men and women with visions and powerful dreams. We should no longer shift our blames to our faulty foundation as a creation of British Colonial Masters or Lord Lugard’s action of 1914. Heaven is the best place of harmony yet they say that the Devil rebelled against God and later became a tormentor of mankind (Rev. 12:7-13).

Hence beyond our hardly workable ideological, cultural geographical, racial, gender class systems, or any other form of homogeneity, we need God’s kingdom propelled political leadership by genuine believers in Christ. A true Christian in politics should try his / her best to puncture the general submission by some Nigerians that corruption is the only thing that works efficiently. Any sense of shame? Any living conscience? Are we sure that by creating a new constitution, we are creating a new order in Nigeria? Have we not assembled interest based on primordial concerns when almost every one is angry with everything and everybody instead of men and women with sound ideas in Law making and administrative and leadership acumen.

Politicians and leaders should not use democracy to destroy democracy as it was in Algeria (FIS) and Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) Let us not use democracy as a veneer to cover our nakedness and evil ambitions so that our Nation may not slip off into destruction. Let us face full and sound time federalism and not dubious federalism.
“A foolish son (most Nigerian Politicians are males) is a disgrace to his own mother” (Proverbs) Why? The reason is that mothers are Best Care Givers in the home. Fathers no doubt enforce Discipline. Let not familiarity breed contempt. As maternal reflection on the above Biblical wise saying concerning a son(s) and a mother (Mothers) should compel sons in politics from families to deeply consider the terrible reproach they bring to the images of their families by being corrupt, violent, indifferent reckless and conscienceless in their political careers. Mothers are the greatest to reckon with in the upbringing of children in families. Let us give women more chances and support them.
• Virgin Mary had basic positive influence on divine Jesus Christ. See St. John 2:1-12.

Trainers of children at home aer mostly mothers.

The sons of today are tomorrows possible political leaders / There is need for Total parenting (Proverb 22:6) which wins at last having fought some persons. Moreso if you don’t give life a fight, it will give you a fight. There must be principled impact and influence emanating from the home. Total parenting means All Round Parental oversight which must produce healthy and worthy political leaders. Total parenting lays solid foundation for visionary future political leadership. This gives proper direction, encouragement, changes, empowers, educates, delegates and illuminates strategically. It calls for principled impact and influence without coercion or force. An exemplary lifestyle will produce the needed aura and charisma just like Christ who went about doing good, touching lives and impacting his nascent generation. (Acts 10.38; Prov. 22:6.)

You must belong to a political party that has a structure that can support, and sustain the system with a level playing ground system. Embark on effective consultation with those that matter. In and outside your constituency.

Locate dependable allies within the party set ups. Embark on a responsible approach to mobilization that enables you to sell your programme / Manifesto to the electorate .Dwell more on what would make a given group or interest to decide to vote for a given candidate (you) and party (you should mobilize a crowd puller. Be charismatic in operations.

Be generous to the extent you can strike a balance and sustain it. In your campaigns don’t just spend tomorrow today. Be prudent and calculative in your generous spending. Create room for a fall back. Be careful NOT to EASILY DISCLOSE YOUR TRUMP CARD before the real action-time eg vigorous campaigns / elections proper. Don’t just sensationalize. Non-issues in your campaigns know that state politics – has been patterned by socio-cultural bearings. Hence do not be in hurry to change without sufficient reason and convictions. See Zikism and Okparaism = Mbakweism etc strange parties are not easily sold among the Igbos and Yorubas without adventurous overtures within a given lengthy period. Awoism works in Yoruba land better.

Imo has often zoned its politics into three areas. Eg Orlu zone 12yrs+ in political Leadership of Imo state (Chief Achike Udenwa) (Owelle Rochas (8yrs) Okigwe Zone 8-9Yrs (Chief Sam Mbakwe, Chief Ikedi Ohakwe) 4Yrs.

Owerru Zone – 1yrs +10months (Chief Evans Enwerem)?

The pendulum of zoning if sustained might point to a direction that might not be convenient for most gubernatorial candidates and parties in Imo State.

You are advised not to overlook any little issue in politics because such can become a monster late. Don’t take anything and anyone for granted in Politics.

You should set up a fervent prayer squad with intercessor prophetic anointing. Acquire high technology for both native intelligence and modern information gathering. Also set up formal and informal genuine political and penetrators in high and low places. Including your opponents camps. Know that everything is not money in plotics.

Our xtian politicians must eschew pervasive arrogance in the face of mediocrity. You must take positive action otherwise you will seem not to exist in the public dormain.

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure” – Thomas Eddison “The only easy but quiet troubles place on earth is the grave! “A faint hearted man can hardly win the love of a fair lady! ‘you must make that your bank of justice which doesn’t become bankrupt. Christians should not leave Nigeria our home land governance to non-xtians (Non-Born again) and other faiths else they will make foolish laws/decisions and expect you to obey them. Don’t ever seek to satisfy your thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. Be visionary with right thinking spirit, pragmatic, innovative, proactive in calculation and ops. Let the people’s interest be far above your personal interest in leadership.


(1)Somebody (2) Everybody (3) Nobody (4) Anybody. There was in a community/ society. Where Everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that situation because it was everybody’s work. Everybody thought that anyone could have done it but Nobody realized that everybody would not do it. It ended up that everybody could have done it. Christians and saints are not ordinary people who could do ordinary things in extra ordinary way politics inclusive. Ignorance and docility are the greatest disasters to our Christian challenge in Politics.

Politicians and the electorate oppressors and oppressed etc. God’s will doesn’t allow you to put up a show of bravado and Loquaciousness. Let us avoid a neurotic desire to insult or the use of gutter language, speaking before thinking, a penchant for stroking crisis and Lampooning prominent persons in your constituency, a distractive attempt hoi hoodwink and deceive the unwary from the real issues of massive material looting of collective state and national wealth under politicians’ wealth.

Don’t be a misguided malcontent or corrupt political corrupt charlatan. Don’t posses a denigrate prominent people in your constituency. Nigeria youth should not be lured into thuggery in politics.(see Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, Kwara State Governor’s comment per his Ramadan Lecture at Ansarul-Islam Society published in Sunday Sun Newspaper 20/7/2014 Pg 67). A question arises as to whether Boko Haram in the North Eastern Zone of Nigeria is a combination of social-economic religious factors? Is there no moral and economic responsibility of each Local Government Area Leadership State Government and Federal Government to decisively make life easy for all Nigerians. If this is not forth coming then there is a dereliction of responsibility by various political leaders at various tiers of government at different times. We must sincerely commend and celebrate the heroic stance of our Late President of Nigeria, Alhaji Umaru Yar’dua who once ordered that the security agents should shoot at sight Boko Haram insurgents. He also saw the need to grant amnesty to repentant militants in the Niger Delta region as they surrendered arms. Unfortunately South-South politicians used the Niger Delta (Militants) Youths as Vanguards during the elections, only to abandon them. Hence militancy.

NOTE: Emhasis and uphold principles and down play opportunisms in political leadership. This is the opposite of what is prevailing in our country Nigeria presently.

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