Era Of Tyrants Masquarading As Political Leaders (1)

No ruler or Leader of the world over has ever introduced himself as a tyrant at the beginning of his or her career. They appear as such that can be taken seriously, as harmless, unassuming, wise, unassertive on critical issues as they would do everything not to rock the boat ahead of being elected or appointed so that people would remain with them as they appear innocent. My last child taught me a great lesson when she was only 12 years old. A man (about 35 years old) had visited me for a holistic counseling. At the end of the session, I assisted him and he left and I said goodbye, to him. My youngest and last child came down to the office to request for few school personal needs. I told her that I had spent and emptied my purse to assist the needy man whom I described to her to be a holy and humble man.

She took me up on my submission on the client. I had to adjust immediately because I knew the “pocket” Lawyer in her from the tender age would ask me a further question and my answer would be followed up with another unexpected question. In fact we had thought that she might be going in for the law profession. It did not work out however as she eventually studied Mass Communication and graduated few years ago. At that tender age, I mentioned earlier, she had demanded to know whether the man came in his own car, I said no. she asked if the man was rich or averagely comfortable, I said I was not sure. She wanted to know if the man had a house belonging to him in Port Harcourt, I said no. whether the man was married and had children in schools I said not yet. In her intelligent submission she advised me on not rushing into conclusion that the man was humble and holy. Her lesson was that “you can’t predict a man’s or woman’s humility until that person had achieved economic, political or spiritual greatness and still remained humble. What a lesson from a teenager?. This could still remind me of the fact that we don’t really know some people until they taste power, authority, influence, affluence, fame and greatness or occupy positions of authority or significance through divine providence or accidental happenings.

“The King will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard of things against the God of gods” (Daniel 11:36). Joseph Stalin was the head of the Soviet Union (1924-1953) He murdered millions of people. His adherents/supporters were aware that any slightest mistake of theirs would usher them to the executioner. Out of the 1996 delegates to the one party congress, Josef Stalin had 1,108 of his supporters arrested and killed out of the 139 central caucus committee members, he made sure 98 of them were shot dead. Why? For dissenting views or their superior views perhaps!

Ironically, despite that tyrannical behaviour of Stalin, almost every other person or citizen virtually worshipped Josef Stalin in one way or the other. Josef Stalin (don’t forget that Josef as a name which had Christian origin) made himself a god to the extent that every event centre or Public Park show cased Stalin’s Statute. National and Local Newspapers lavishly published his tributes severally and daily. Outstanding among these, was that of Stalin’s birthday in which an entire museum in Moscow was scrapped and stripped so much that it could be filled with Josef Stalin’s birthday presents and felicitations. Hence Stalin was called “Father of the People”; “the Greatest Genius in History “summary of Humanity”, “the Life Giving Force of Socialism” etc. what do we see and read in our various Newspapers these days? Are those people who praise some of our rulers or our Leaders sincere and really mean what they say or proclaim about these leaders.

Are they attention seekers? Praise singing and sycophancy mostly for the wrong reasons have become the order of the day in our Nation. Unreasonably, many people have become so hungry and poverty stricken to the extent that they could call “black white and argue vehemently further that white is black just for money.  Are the praise singers and even composers of the strange songs working for their “stomach infrastructure” recognition? 


Tyranical tendencies will make the issue of Restructuring look like an impossibility. Some people find it difficult to honestly understand what truly restructuring Nigeria is all about. They would desire to know what would happen to the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria if restructuring is tacitly embraced and implemented to the letter or what would happen to the 36 states and Abuja Federal Capital Territory. Antagonists to restructuring are bound to raise several questions both reasonable and unreasonable. Restructuring no doubt requires the mega political parties to enshrine the details in their manifestoes because as at the moment it appears that though the All Progressive Congress (APC) has elements of it in their original manifesto their Presidential Candidate- Muhammed Buhari is rather maintaining a dangerous silence on such. Conversely, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has their party constitution that seemed not to have an elaborate provision for restructuring as at now. Will PDP feature restructuring in its manifesto? Interestingly, Atiku Abubakar has from his earliest movements and speeches been enthusiastic and passionate about restructuring of the country. Will PDP indeed feature such in Atiku’s presidential campaigns manifesto despite the fact of its apparent absence in the PDP party constitution? To the Presidential candidate of PDP is the issue of solid restructuring a mere rhetorical approach meant for vote catching or the serious commitment to the issue that is on the front burner of its electoral commitment?  Is restructuring being bandied as a mere cheap political campaign strategy that could be easily disposed after electoral victory is achieved in 2019? Extreme caution please!

The uniqueness of both President Mohammed Buhari and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar leaves no room for random comparism now. For the avoidance of doubt restructuring being canvassed must involve true fiscal federalism, resource control, creation of state police and or, decentralization, power devolution and or developing a weak centre with strong federating units. In the extreme it can also restore the workable parliamentary system of government etc. we must not forget the fact that the Igbo-social cultural umbrella organization ohaneze Ndi Igbo and the Afenifere, the Yoruba Group (South East and South West regions) are in one accord that Nigeria as presently constituted needs a drastic restructuring. To these vibrant regional groups restructuring if holistically done is indeed the needled final solution to the complex Nigeria’s nagging and festering sour. Hence they say tribalism, religionalism and other myriads of issues often stated are just in consequential. Why do some people think that our solution depends on where a leader comes from or the religion such a Leader adheres to? Good governance does not give credence to ethnicity or preferred faith incompetence and mediocrity of political leaders makes them to resort to cheap reliance on ethnicity and religious preferences and using the gullible to achieve their set goals.

Mr. Yinka Odumakin (Afenifere-Yoruba) and Chief Nnia Nwodo (ohaneze Ndi Igbo- Igbo) have severally spoken the minds of the South West and South East. The Middle Belt forum is also amenable to these mentioned above. Fear of disintegration is unfounded when good governance void of nepotism, corruption religions bigotry and impunity are in solid place. Empty and insincere promises aimed at hoodwinking the electorates will not work again in 2019 because our people are getting wiser now. Does any leader have the power to promise to hand over to a given person, region or adherent of a given faith at the end of his/her tenure in office? This joke taken too far. Only God can decide certain things one Earth. Stupid arrogance must cease. What do our leaders think that is so crucially important about the presidency in Nigeria that makes them to make such stupid promises?

Are you taking other Nigerians for granted? Watch out for the unexpected surprises that would unfold in 2019. The Presidency does not and it is not an exclusive property of any person, groups or religion-, period! Can you give what you don’t have and cannot have? No. Corrupt, polluted, inept and incompetent political leadership and governance is enough for God to disgrace and severely punish our Leaders and those in the corridors of power. Our electoral laws should be reviewed immediately.

What impression do we present to the Africa and Western World Eastern around and within us by registering 91 political parties out of which 71 Presidential Candidates have emerged from their primaries? Why have we made everything look ridiculous? What a shame! Are we in essence saying that we are a bunch of very unserious citizens? Has this game of politics become the only source of self aggrandizements? Is this not the reason most people think that politics (especially corrupt and crude type) is the shortest way to cheap, easy fame and wealth? If any presidential or Governorship candidate in this forth-coming election is not indeed ready with workable fresh articulated economic and political blue prints to change the already deplorable situations in our country and states, then such should get lost before the earth would open up and swallow. A serious minded and truly prepared leader should positively change things for us within the first two years in the office or saddle. Sound political and economic leadership for a truly tried, tested and genuinely prepared leader should be able to demonstrate competence and refreshing moments within the first half of a given tenure.

We also need God to re-order our paths in this country else we will continue to grope and drift in broad day light. Excuse giving (Excusism = a mind deadening disease that manufactures excuses to escape from blames or accountability or responsible leadership) is the earliest signs of ineptitude and incompetence. How did you ask us to elect or vote you in only to dwell on excuses. How long should a leader dwell on the past failures of his predecessors? When a leader (in case he or she is indeed a true leader) offers himself or herself for leadership it means he is ready to work and bring fresh solutions to our problems and not to engage in blame games. Such a leader must do the work and do it well. Why should you promise to power or return power to a particular region in a given year if such region votes for such a Presidential candidate? This is fool hardiness and political jokes taken too far would our current cash and carry politics and all the reckless endorsements and approvals carry the weight of genuine integrity and continuity? Are words or speeches not becoming as cheap as simple sneeze? Solid performance in office is the key not desire for selfish endorsements.

No matter how blind a man is you can’t tell him there is no salt in the soup. Actions to God conscious leaders and followers is very expensive. For a long time (since 3 years) I have been desirous to read or hear the voice of our highly respected social critic, Professor Tam David West on issues relating to the  quality or rudderless leadership, direction, action or inaction of our National leaders and our President Buhari.



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