Being Caught In The Act And Genuine Repentance

Every nation, tribe, profession or institution has often a means or method of celebrating its heroes:-

       King David, of Israel, a military maestro, a political strategist, a religious devout, a man after God’s own heart graciously found special grace among Israelites and before God despite his short comings or moral failures. Why? “Against you only, have I sinned and done this evil before you” (Psalms 51.4); “A broken and a contribute heart  God will not despise”. (Psalm 51:17). King David found favour and forgiveness before the Israelites just like Abraham Lincoln of America also found favour in the large hearts of Americans. Both David and Abraham Lincoln were powerful and successful leaders who inspiringly gave sound leadership to their Nations more so during the Nations turbulent dark days with well defined courage, wisdom, charisma and deep seated anointed faith. Was there any marked difference in the manner in which they (David and Abraham Lincoln) were celebrated? Could and would Abraham Lincoln have been deeply broken and penitent as David if he had been caught in the very act of Adultery? Would he have produced a personal confidential or public outpouring of deep sorrow or pain before God Almighty? Would such confession have been compiled and documented in the 4th July celebration of America? It is doubtful, reason could be that Americas have the tendency of covering up the human failures or moral deficiencies of their Heroes and can to a large extent develop stories about their undented honesty and history.

       Remarkably, David did not make any attempt to cover up when he was confronted with his terrible sin. The book of Psalms 51 is a publication of king David’s sins, the deep seated anguish, honest brokenness when he was caught in the fleshly sin of Adultery and murder.

       The painful story behind Psalms 51 is found in 2nd  Samuel chapters 11-12. It was a sordid tale of infidelity (Adultery) social intrigue and heartless Murder of an honest, gallant and God fearing Soldier Uriah. What was his reputation and rank in the military?

       He was a devoted, disciplined, focused fighting gallant soldier in Israel. He died for the principles he cherished so much.

       The greatest Israelite King behaved in his worst of circumstance. Like some Nigerian politicians present and past, King David behaved in a manner that suggested that he thought nothing about his abominable conducts Nigerian leaders commit crimes until the hunters and their hunting dogs appear to arrest, prosecute or arraign them or cease whatever they had gotten fraudulently. Most of our people behave like the Ostrich. The Ostrich is (Perhaps) the biggest Bird on earth with the fastest running legs but the ostrich is the most stupid Bird. It often buries its head in the sand pretending that no one could see it, meanwhile the greater part of the ostrich’s body is it uncovered.  The fearless prophet Nathan appeared to accuse King David right in his face. Are there Nathans in Nigeria?. There and then, King David broke down in torrents of tears as he confessed. Hence Psalms 51:1-17 recorded that episode along with David’s other misdeeds in the bible. Psalms 51 is so useful for deep seated honest repentance and confession during any God ordained worship.

       HEROIC LITERATURE:  Despite the fact that every Nation has its heroes, Israel as a Nation only seemed to have had the legacy without reservation of producing sound literature of her Heroes and their failures or short comings. David was very special in his era in the sense, that he made an open confession publicly.

       He was very conscious of his standing or status before God and his people Israel. He displayed, an unusual his humility thereby leading his people by personal examples.

Hence Israel as a Nation reflected and celebrated David for his honest devotion to God rather than military prowess or economic achievements. That made it possible for David’s dynasty in later centuries till date. No wonder Jesus Christ our Lord came down to save God’s people. Christ Jesus the incarnate son of God, the Messiah had to come through the Davidic dynasty though divine in every details. In Christ’s response to the frequent demands and antagonism by the revolutionary Jews, for a strong leader of Israel’s, he insisted that God must lead Israel’s Leaders if they must succeed. If God is not allowed to Lead our leaders in 2019 all the parties will disappoint us again, irrespective of the joining and disjoining of persons and parties.

       Can any genuine leader in our land publicize his failures or pretend and claim that there is nothing wrong with our democratic system or the people involved? How many Leaders in all spheres can publicize their sinful or political confessions of wrong doings? King David sinned greatly and repented greatly. Did King David repeat that sin during the rest of his life?

       What do think you about this world in which evil or bad people get stupendously rich and actually suppress and oppress the decent good people with moral fibre? The Psalmists do often reflect, ponder and get puzzled over life’s riddles. Can we find an answer on the other side after death?

“Dvaid burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, —- As long as the Lord lives, the man who did this deserves to die”…. Then Nathan said to David “You are the man” (2 Samuel 12:3).

An ancient lasting tradition states that “the people above must make the rules and are not meant to conduct their daily lives by such rules”. We are aware that most influential (negative) Leaders in human history have adhered to this philosophy as they cease and embrace the women they wanted (Bamenda example in Cameroon?), accumulate the money and starsh away such in foreign countries, the privileges they desired, the type of exotic cars, get medical treatments in the best hospitals in this world while our Teaching Hospitals are mere consulting clinics with competent professional without sound equipment or health facilities

       In the case of David it was as if no one dared to challenge his right to sleep and have sexual intercourse even with another man’s wife. The randy King David saw Bathsheba, lusted after her sent for her (Did she hesitate to respond to such strange overtures?) Lusted carnally for her. Did Bathsheba or David’s servants protest? Fame people’s status, money and intelligence are likely key things or issues unprincipled women and men often consider when they are tempted with the sin of corruption and immorality. However, a problem arose when as she later protested with her pregnancy before David.

       David who had no plan to marry Bathsheba discovered he was in a fix. He invited Bathsheba’s husband. David tried to shift the pregnancy to an innocent and disciplined aloof Uriah.

       Does this remind us of men that only the woman most times can determine t he paternity of the baby in her womb, DNA notwithstanding?

       I had a counseling session with a young girl who got pregnant in her 3rd year in a secondary school about 15years ago. She revealed that she was made pregnant by three boys. It was not easy to convince her that the three boys that had sex with her variously could not be responsible for her pregnancy. Further steps however established t that only one of the three boys was responsible for the pregnancy and both parents compelled both of them to marry and their educational pursuit ended abruptly. There is the need to heed wise advise. Determine and convince yourself why you are where you are now and what you intend to achieve within a time frame. You can’t relax before you can sit down. Sit down first before you can relax.

       Uriah had single minded devotion to his duty. Hence David’s plans got shattered to a point of confusion. He and his later generations reaped the negative seed of that indiscretion. David became as cold as an iron. David did not show any regret unit his confrontation with prophet Nathan. Before Nathan’s confrontation, David was power-drunk and carefree and suffered defeat as the baby boy died after birth. Though corrupt people’s hands join each other sinners will not go unpunished before God (Eccl. 12.13-14).


The situation then required Bathsheba to park into David’s palace to become a Wife. Every one of us must watch out for evil projections and manipulations that are terrible traps on the part of sound leadership. Hence our Leaders in diverse ways need our concerted prayers as the led. Leaders should also be very careful about these little foxes that often and easily destroy the vines or cherished careers in public or private settings. Were the following people displaced and displeased by what had happened (1) David (at what point?) (2) Bathsheba, (3) David’s servant, (4) Close neighbours? (5) Political associates? Why were they not displeased? The Bible says “that the thing David had done displeased the LORD” (2 Samuel 11:27)



Who indeed could have had the courage to challenge the king? Could those feeding fat from the kings table or could perhaps those who capitalized on the king’s moral weakness, ignorance, political – cum leadership incompetence, shallow intellectualism, indiscretion, leadership ineptitude or nepotic stubbornness or those with corrupt mindsets have been able to rebuke, correct or challenge the king? Could they have given their tribes man a sound wise advice or could anyone have exercised any authority or given an unsolicited sound advise? Was sound advice a useless thankless job or exercise if in futility if not accepted by the King or the “I too know (ITK) King or leader-ruler? To what extent have our rules been influenced by their advisers or older generations of politicians rulers, counselors or assistants?

       In our world, money and possession of it can do and determine and influence several things, just name them but money can’t buy the life of another. No mortal man can redeem the life of another man. Money cannot buy an escape from the grave. No amount of money or wealth can pay or is ever sufficient to buy another’s life. Only God gives and takes life. “God only will redeem my life from the grave”. “He will surely take me to himself” (psalms 49:15)


       In this our democratic and religious dispensation, we have  seen people who tried to bargain with God as they thought that  by virtue of their gifts or so called good deeds they can secure God’s attention or make God to do what they want. In both the old and new Testaments, we have read and even heard in our own generation about people who were convinced that  their sacrifices of animals or generous offerings/giving could simplify things for them or secure God’s stamp of approval on their own plans. Majestically, God has reasons to make a mockery of such people.

       Hence God considers our attitude or motives at all times, our individual, corporate, National professional  or tribal attitudes matter so much before the Almighty God. Did king David think that the king could do whatever pleased him? I submit that every women needs attention at any point in life no matter the age

       There are immoral randy satanic sexy men that are not too far away. You are advised therefore to protect your own “property”. A sexpsychologist once submitted that the older you are the more likely you are to cheat on your partner, if you are not yet redeemed and sanctified by Jesus efficacious blood. According to recent researches by the Institute for Family Studies. The research, findings stated that 20% of married people over 55years of age have had needless extramarital sex while 14% of those under 55years have cheated but with regrets. Couples who are in their 50s and 60s are the most likely to cheat if not thoroughly born again. Husbands and wives should chase away discretely slim pretty girls and virile hunks (Boys) by wifely or husbandly presence. Don’t leave your gates open. You must choose between the TRUTH OF LIFE and THE INTEGRITY OF LIFE. Which do you choose for the sake of posterity. Avoid being an aloof wife  or absentee husband.

       It is arrant nonsense and fool hardiness to believe that our world is a man’s world. Admit your misdeeds, repent greatly if you have soiled yourself and confess penitently to God and your partner in marriage irrespective of being caught or not. The greatest trick you can play in infidelity is to succeed in doing anything without God seeing.

       Husbands must not expose their wives to temptations by virtue of keeping their wives lonely in the name of offshore and onshore rig deployments, busy political or business engagements or military prolonged postings. Such husbands with peculiar job or professional callings should be in touch by communicating sufficiently with their families if the demands of duty prevents them from physical contacts. Husbands should spend quality time with their spouses whenever they come around. Don’t be an aloof husband or wife. Some women or men can develop the capacity to resist temptations, while some others can only rarely resist temptation. Yet others invariably find it easier to resist temptation. Most fall and become victims first and think or reflect later as they feel dirty and guilty before God and society or Church. Immoral sexy men are too far away from their spouses even within the church. Such immoral men have sent many women of easy virtues or weak women to Hell-fire in the past. Make sure you are not their next target. At 50,60,70 even 80 years of age, some women can still get recharged or recharge themselves and respond actively to sexual intercourse if the right buttons are touched by romantic figures of intruding – immoral randy. 




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