2023: Rivers People, Residents Set Agenda For Gov Wike

I Applaud The Amiable Governor But He Should Create Employment – Nwafor ThankGod Chukwudi

First and foremost, I would applaud the amiable governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike. I will appreciate him for all he has actually done so far. He has tried. In fact he’s doing well. We call him Mr Project. His work speaks volume in Rivers State but in terms of employment we indigenes of Rivers State have not seen. He should create employment. The level of unemployment in the state is very high. We have lots of graduates in different fields in Rivers State so if he can create employment, it would be very fine and that’s what I want him to do before leaving office.

His Excellency The Governor Should Embark On Human Capital Development – Paul O.

Paul O

The Governor should go ahead with his Operation No pothole to fill up the potholes. Then in the area of human capital development I think he has not done enough. Infrastructurally, he has done more than enough but I think in terms of human capital development he has not done enough. If there’s a way he can create employment for the Rivers people, that would be good because in the area of infrastructure he has done more than enough and if he can do the same in terms of employment I think it will go a long way to make him one of the best governors that Rivers State has ever had.

The Governor Should Concentrate On Education – Pastor Clever Chima Israel

Pastor Clever Chima Israel

My very simple opinion is that for Rivers State he should be able to put food on the table of the citizens of Rivers State, concentrate on education. Education is a paramount area the people need to be empowered. Education creates job. Education brings a government to a limelight. Education brings life. Through education there will be self-employment. Through education there will be jobs. So when you discover that you have lessened your problem and again you will have fame.

His Government Has Been Wonderful But He Should Remember Retirees – Anonymous  

The number one thing that has been on the news all along is the issue of payment of the benefits of people that have served Rivers State government for 35 years plus and those who are of age 60 years plus who have retired from government service and their arrears of pension and their gratuity have not been paid since this government came into power. So it is my belief that if he is able to attend to that first having served seven years or thereabout his image will be redeemed and people will be happy because a lot of families are suffering. His government has been wonderful. He has done well in the area of infrastructure. He’s Mr Project but let him remember retirees.

The Governor Should Empower Youths – Morgan Ajoluje    

There are some basic things that need to be done especially for the youths, for those who need more empowerment and I believe that’s why he’s the governor.

His Excellency The Governor Has Done So Well In Other Areas And I Commend Him But He Should Look Into Job Creation – Mr Shola  Boyo

First, before I will talk about what he needs to do I need to appreciate his efforts so far in the developmental strides – projects he has been able to accomplish – but I think in the area of employment, youth empowerment is very, very, very important.When they are engaged I think it will be so meaningful. Rivers State is so equipped with a lot of human resources and at the same time mineral resources.

When they graduate from school what are they doing? Each local government should have agricultural project where they can engage the youths. You can get them involved in agricultural project or human resources project. When you bring a company in they can go in partnership with the state government and the bank can come in, get funds and engage communities and let them be engaged and by so doing you discover that it will be so meaningful in the area of job creation and at the same time the security will be guaranteed. So I think in that area before the one or two years’ time he’s leaving office his name will be on the record that the governor did this. He has done so well in other areas. I commend him very well. He has done a very great job but in job creation it’s one area I think he should look into.

His Excellency The Governor Should Stop Illegal Bunkering In The State – Engr Austin Chukwudoro

Engr. Austin Chukwudoro

He should stop the local illegal bunkering people are doing which is causing lots of soot and these soot over the years is going to cause a lot of health hazard to the people living in Port-Harcourt. I know he said that in his last broadcast and I know he’s going to work on it. He’s a strong and good governor so I believe he’s going to do it. But let those people doing it co-operate with him because that’s one thing. The people doing it are making money out of it and may not want to stop but if the federal government allows, it can allow them have modular refineries where they would now refine legally and sell their product to Nigerians and they will buy it and this will reduce that amount of soot in the air and people can have free and fresh air.

The Governor Should Dredge Our Rivers To Fight Flooding – Mr Elenya Elvis Elenya

Elenya Elvis Elenya

Honestly, the governor has done very well but in order to score him the 100 per cent that he deserves he has to address this biggest issue: dredging of our rivers for those of us that are from the Orashi area because any time there is flood we don’t see the good road he does. All we see is the flood. Our farmlands are devastated because of the flooding. With good farmland issue of unemployment can be addressed. People can go into farming but we have farmlands that are devastated. So if only he can take care of flooding, build canals and open reservoirs for water then he has done very well there and I will give him 100 per cent. That’s what I think he should do. I went to Rumuekini School Road recently and I felt sorry for the people living around that area because the whole place was devastated and it’s supposed to be a farmland. About seven years ago it used to be a place that was developing very fast but now no buildings around there because of flood everywhere. Back then there were buildings around there and people were employed: carpenters, bricklayers. The place was booming and then there were areas also for farmland but today if you go there people are crying.

The Government Should Promote Teachers – Teddy Okechukwu

I think one of the things he needs to do is the soot problem. The government should try to address the soot problem. Secondly, employment. The state government should get employment for some of these youths. The government should pay pensioners and promote teachers who haven’t been promoted for a very long time.

Jobs Should Be Created – Andrew Ajayi

Andrew Ajayi

Creating jobs is very, very important for the young people of Rivers because if they have jobs they will not be involved in crime and criminality. And one of the ways I think jobs can be created beyond the issues of agriculture where we say let young people go to get involved in agriculture is that the government could partner with countries which produce imported goods to have their manufacturing factories in Nigeria, in Rivers, Edo and elsewhere so that we would not be looking for foreign exchange to change and buy all these things and ship them down to Nigeria that makes things very expensive in our nation. If the governor can attract two, three, four companies then they will start to set up their rolling mills company here and any Rivers youth can work. That is one important thing that I think should be done. 

Compared To Other Governors He Has Done So Much But The Governor Should Focus On The Youths – Mrs Faith Jeremiah        

What Governor Nyesom Wike should do before leaving office is one to create job more especially for the youth. Though he’s doing well compared to other governors he should create job and skill acquisition especially for the youth. So the Governor should focus on the youths. 

The Governor  Should Give Financial Support To Newspaper Vendors – Faith Friday Ufot

I want Governor Wike to settle newspaper vendors with money to enable them become established in the business. Newspaper vendors need assistance to run their business.

His Excellency The Governor Should Look Into  Health Sector – Augusta

What I think he should do before leaving office is first of all to look into health sector. The health sector is very, very important because a healthy person is a wealthy person. If you are not healthy you can’t make the wealth. So let him look into health sector and their salary and promotion. There should be increment in their salary and you know how the market is these days. Your salary is small but the things you spend on are very, very large so let him increase civil servants’ salary. The governor should look into pensioners as well. Most people have died without accessing their gratuity, without eating their pension and they say the labours of our heroes past. Those that labour for us or those who are still labouring should have their reward. Generally the governor has done well. 

He Has Done Well And Secured Rivers State But His Excellency The Governor Should Remember Retired Civil Servants Before Leaving Office – Orlunwo Princewill     

He has tried in the aspect of security, peace in Rivers State but before he leaves the office he should remember the retired civil servants and those that are due to be paid death benefits and retirement benefits


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