Khana Council Chairman, Dr. Bariere Seeks Church’s Involvement In Electioneering Process


As the countdown to the 2023 general elections draws close, Christians have been enjoined to be actively engaged in the electioneering processes.

Speaking while declaring the close of the 2022 Pentecost Week at St. Luke’s Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN), Kono Town in Khana Local Government Area on Sunday, Chairman of the Council, Dr. Thomas Bariere said participation in politics by Christians is an express injunction by God

He said God understood the essence of politics when he declared that the people would rejoice when the righteous rule.

“If Christians refused to stand up and take part in the electioneering process, bad people would take over and the people would suffer”, he said.

The Khana Council boss envisaged that very soon, politicians would come to solicit for their votes ahead of the 2023 general elections, even as he advised them to ‘shine their eyes’ and vote only for good people.

Dr. Bariere commended the Pastor and entire members of St. Luke’s Christ Army Church Nigeria, Kono Town, for the 7-days Pentecost Week which began on Monday, May 30, 2022 and ended Sunday, June 5, 2022.

He also implored the church to join in the crusade for a peaceful Khana Local Government Area which is top on his agenda.

“I want to express the deep appreciation of the Council that peace has returned to Khana LGA and I will like to assure that this peace will be sustained by the grace of God”, he prayed.

The chairman of Khana Local Government Council, Dr. Thomas Bariere was accompanied by the secretary to the Council, the Divisional Police Officer of Bori and top officers of the Council.

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