Uniport VC Receives Award Of Honour

The Vice-Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt, Professor Owunari Georgwill has been honored by Time Africa Magazine, as the change Maker of the year 2022.  Time Africa is an International Biweekly Magazine with a culture of excellence with correspondents across the Nations of Africa.

Making the presentation to the Vice-Chancellor on Monday, July 4, 2022, at the Vice Chancellors Office, University of Port Harcourt, the Chairman of Time Africa Board, Rory Knight based in Washington DC, United States of America, said Professor Georgewill is honored because of his highest level of excellence and achievement in his field, his impacts which have a lasting legacy in Nigeria, the continent and around the world.

The Board Chairman who was represented by the Managing Director and Editor-In-Chief of the Magazine, Chidi-Peters Okorie said “Africa100 Award/Medal of honour is bestowed on Professor Owunari Gerogewill based on three criteria: outstanding research, unusually effective teaching, and distinguished professorial service.

“Today he is given this medal of honour and listed among the African 100 due to his high impact performance and I  hope that this Honour shall bring to Professor Goegewill a feeling of accomplishment and encourage him to move forward with increased confidence and strength,” he said.

Roy Knight said the University of Port Harcourt has become Africa’s education game-changer, shifting from teacher-centric education to student-centric education noting that professor Geogerwill upon assumption of office, has made history through his fearless, strong, and determined, armed with programmes that have set transformational agenda for a competitive University of Port Harcourt.

He described professor Georgewill as a reformer who has introduced several reforms programs that have brought the University management closer to staff, students, and stakeholders through “This week in retrospect” and welcome to a new week”.  Knight said, “under Georgewill’s leadership, the university has made tremendous progress in areas of academic, international collaborations with universities in Africa and Europe as well as Canada and the US and has attracted government and international organizations in the infrastructural uplifting of the University”

The International Magazine also noted that from available records, the University is currently a construction ground for faculty buildings, hostel accommodation buildings, professorial offices buildings, staff offices buildings, classrooms, Lecture theaters, lecture auditoriums, solar power for power supply, academic excellence with the participation of staff and students in local and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and post-graduate training amongst others, and expressed the hope that these awards; the Medal of honor and Africa100, would spur him to a greater height by not relenting on his oars. 

Responding, Professor Georgewill expressed appreciation to Time Africa Magazine for the recognition and dedicated the award to all men and women of goodwill striving for excellence in their various fields of endeavor and to God Almighty.

He said, the journey so far has been interesting and revealed that he would use every opportunity at his disposal to present the university to the national and international levels and described himself as a servant who works along with other members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) and students to perform at optimally and develop the university.

He told his audience “Since my assumption of office on July 13th, 2021, justice and fair play has been my watchword, I provide equal opportunity for all irrespective of tribe, religion, or gender.

I give high consideration to gender in all my appointments and maintained the rule of law in all my actions by the extant rules of the University” George will said.

He assured the organization that he would not be scared to delve into uncharted waters saying that has been the conveyor belt that has enabled him to continue to thrive in leaps and bounds; creating an engaging environment to nurture academic growth and encourage a culture of research and development, teaching and learning as well as community service.


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