Rivers PDP And The Felix Obuah Factor

By Nwokoma Messiah

It is no news today that  Rivers State is a majority PDP state. It is also no news that the performance of the state governor in the past seven plus years has endeared the people of the state to the party leading to the acceptance of the party’s Governorship candidate even if it is evident that he is really not well known as a political actor in the state.

As the citizens of the state are getting ready for the elections next year, one factor that will help shape the fortunes of the party will be no less a person than Bro. Felix Amaechi Obuah aka Go Round.

Bro. Obuah who was a former Chairman of the party is someone that has what looks like a cult fellowship in the state due to the kind of politics he plays which can best be described as inclusive politics.

As former Chairman of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government area, he showed a great degree of responsive and responsible leadership which with all due respect to other chairmen if the LGA has not been surpassed.

Even his period as Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the state, his reign can be described as a period of great success for the party even with the threat of the former transportation minister whose war song at the Adokiye Amiesimaka stadium ended up as the rant of an ant.

Despite his wise and calculated decision not to take part in the Governorship primaries of the party in May and the cries of his disappointed but loyal supporters who thought he was going to take a drastic step that may endanger the party, Bro. Felix Obuah showed a high level of maturity by calling on all his supporters to align themselves behind the decision of the party.

This decision helped make the party stronger in the eyes of those who felt the outcome of the primaries which witnessed the emergence of Senibo Sim Fubara as flag bearer will crumble the party.

As it stands today, the PDP in Rivers State is much stronger and remains the party to beat in the state.

One problem among politicians is lack of loyalty but Bro. Obuah has shown loyalty to the party in his body language as well as general conduct.

The people of his immediate constituency the Orashi region so believe him that despite the fact that others belong to parties other than the PDP, they are willing to vote for the candidates of the PDP.

Obuah is a political asset who does not brag about his prowess but has remained humble and committed to the victory of the party.

As we look forward to the forthcoming elections in the state, one individual who will help the party succeed aside the indefatigable governor of the state is Bro. Felix Amaechi Obuah.

He is so loved by the people and the candidates of the party especially Senibo Sim Fubara can just go home and sleep with their two eyes closed knowing fully well that the battle for the soul of the state has been won.


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