Gov. Fubara: Using Humility To Disarm Opponents

In the wake of Samuel Nwanosike’s diatribe against Governor Fubara, many Rivers people had expected the Governor to arrest him for his ‘bad verses’, but what did Fubara do in the face of that bare face provocation from an ordinary local government chairman? He displayed humility and understanding, swallowing Nwanosike’s degrading comments with dignity.

It was not surprising that few days later, Samuel Nwanosike came out openly and apologized to the Governor, blaming his uncouth behavior on provocation.

Looking at it now, one could see that Governor Fubara triumphed over Nwanosike by sheer humility and wisdom. Remember it’s humility and wisdom that Jesus Christ applied in overcoming the Pharisees who almost always laid traps for Jesus.

When those regarded as Wike’s commissioners resigned and left Fubara’s cabinet, Rivers people welcomed it, describing the action as good riddance to bad rubbish.

However, when recently, the State House of Assembly screened them and sent them to Governor Fubara for reappointment and swearing-in, commentators had expected Fubara to chastise them for resigning on the promptings of a godfather and coming back for re appointment.

What did Fubara do? Welcomed them with open arms and appealing to them to join hands with him to work for peace and development of Rivers State.

Fubara’s words: “I wish you well in your coming back. Stand for justice and stand for the interests of our dear state. That is the purpose of your appointment.”

Noticing the psychological frame of their mind, Governor Fubara said: “I can see how heavy your hearts are. But I don’t have anything against any of you. You were caught in between during the crossfire.”

Admonishing them further, the Rivers State Chief Executive Officer said: “I will advise that you give your best. Like I said the first time, let this state and posterity remember you for what is good.”

It’s only a man like Fubara with his quintessential humility that could address the reappointed commissioners in such a humble and down-to-earth manner that evokes pathos despite leaving his cabinet earlier unceremoniously and unannounced.

Commentators have reasoned that such moving words of advice dripping with humility could move a heart of stone, stressing that they could also thaw the hearts of the commissioners to begin to see reasons with the Governor despite their attachment with a godfather. Some other governors they said, could have chastised the commissioners and make them look like beggars coming for favours.

Again, despite the belligerent attitude of the Minister of the FCT to Governor Fubara, the governor has remained loyal to Wike, always addressing him as ‘my Oga’ each time they met at events. What can be more respectful than that? His fallen down so low to Wike in humility, had often been misconstrued as weakness by some politicians who would have wanted him to unleash his Executive powers on non-conformists.  Some people had even asked why up till now the Governor has not dismantled the old political structures and build his own. It is not in his character to do that as he prefers to use dialogue to set things right with his political foes. The governor believes that by applying humility his enemies will see reason with him and come back to the fold. By so doing he would have killed many birds without shooting an arrow. He may have also remembered what humility and loyalty did for Joseph when he was brought from prison yard and made Number 2 man in Egypt.

Just as humility has been working for him, it is believed that he will again apply humility in dealing with the belligerent House of Assembly members that are determined to put spanner in the wheel of his progress and progress of Rivers State. The lawmakers who defected to the APC from the PDP have constituted a formidable opposition to the governor, blaming him for so many things that were going wrong and may still go wrong in the state. Recently, they accused him of planning not to hold Local government Elections. The other day they willfully passed some bills into laws without the Governor’s assent a situation which signifies that they are not yet ready to let down their guard.

But Governor Fubara had decided not to utter a word against their brashness, preferring to humbly concentrate on his work of developing Rivers State for the benefit of millions of Rivers people who elected him Governor.

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