2023: Federal Lawmaker, Dekor Calls For Church Intercession

The federal lawmaker representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor says the disturbing turnaround of events in parts of Nigeria requires urgent intercession of the church.

The federal lawmaker who spoke at the valedictory visit of the Prelate of Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN), His Eminence, Most Rev. Abel Serebe Vurasi to St. Matthias Christ Army Church Nigeria, Bori, headquarters of Khana Local Government Area on Sunday, extolled the sterling qualities of the Prelate, who is retiring from office after 67 years of meritorious service to the church.

Rt. Hon. Dekor who is the House Committee Chairman on Host Communities, said he grew up to meet the CACN planted in his own community, saying he was also aware that the revered Prelate began his missionary journey even before he was born.

His words: “And so, I am very proud to stand before you here today.  It is very difficult to find people like you, who are consistent with what they believe in.  Your kinds are rare to find in the world today”.

Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor who said he is happy to be alive to witness the Prelate’s valedictory visit to Bori Diocese of CACN, added that the retiring Head of CACN had a track record of challenges and accomplishments.

The politician who is former Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly as well as former Commissioner for Works in the state, urged young people who wish to grow in life to make the church their foundation, stressing that they would be wasting their time, if they do not have God in their lives.

“Sir, before you today, I will make one wish:  Pray for the people of Ogoni. Pray for our young people in Ogoni. A lot of us are being misled.  Pray for the people of Ogoni because it is very sad that in this time of mankind, people can still go about killing and beheading each other.

“Pray for our land because most of these things were alien to us and non-existent when we were growing up”, he said and prayed the Prelate to lay a curse on the evil people that are bent on destroying Ogoni land, adding that it is only in doing so that the system would be sanitized.

Rt. Hon. Dekor went on: “It feels very sad that you wake up in the morning and you hear that 20 persons are murdered in a particular local government area in Ogoni land.  Sir, in your service, you have saved so many souls but there are a lot more souls that you will have to save.  The souls of these young ones, who do not see any other thing other than crime.  Let them know that there is an alternative to crime.  That you must persevere and work hard.  And that contentment in life is a virtue”.

He recalled with nostalgia, that those of them who were brought up by teachers were taught to be contented with what God had given to them. 

“I ask this church to intercede on behalf of Ogoni.  Intercede on behalf of Rivers State and Nigeria.  Things are not going well.  Let God give us righteous people to lead us.

“Those who are not righteous, God should not let them lead us.  I say this because I have submitted myself to God Almighty.  I say it everyday that those who create unhappiness in the world today, God should judge them.  Most of us who are here today are here by His grace”, he said.

Rt. Hon. Dekor who was accompanied on the visit by some senior political associates in Ogoni, later made a donation of half a million Naira in support of the retiring Prelate.

In his response, Prelate Vurasi said the requests of Rt. Hon. Dekor were germane and borne out of his love for Ogoniland and its people, assuring that he would continue to intercede for the good and progress of Ogoni.

“Today is the first day I am meeting face to face with the Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor and I can say that I am proud to have this great Ogoni as a son”, he said, even as he noted that he lived true to his name.

“Your name means light, and I pray that light will continue to follow you.  Success will be your portion.  That you lived till today doesn’t mean your enemies have not been trying you.  But the more they try you, the more they continue to fail.  They will never success.  They will continue to fail”, he prayed.

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