2023: CACN Prelate, Vurasi Appeals For Peaceful Election

…Embarks On Episcopal Visits Ahead  Of Retirement

The need for good and peaceful conduct to ensure a free and fair election in 2023 has again been stressed.

Making the call on Sunday, August 28, 2022 was His Eminence, Most Rev. Abel Serebe Vurasi, the outgoing Prelate of the Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN).

Speaking during his homily at the 2-day visit to the Bori Diocese of the church in Khana Local Government Area, the Prelate noted that election is not a ‘do or die’ affair, and must be played to the rules.

He said the message should be taken to politicians on the need to be perfect in all their doings, adding that the elections would be peaceful if politicians embrace righteousness and holiness. 

“They may not be 100% perfect like God, but they should push to be good in their conduct and relationship with the people.

“When they avoid evil and do that which is good before men and God, the God of Love will be with them too.  The God of peace will also be with them.  But if they flout the message, and chose to do things their own way, it would not augur well with them according to James 3:16”, he declared.

Meanwhile, the Prelate’s visit was characterized with pomp and pageantry as the event was epochal in the annals of the church. The arrival of Prelate Vurasi and his beautiful wife and their entourage to St. Matthias Cathedral on Saturday, smirked of a triumphant entry of the leader of a church of high repute.

The fanfare began at the popular Kpopie Junction in Gokana Local Government Area, where the Bishop of the Bori Diocese of CACN, Rt. Rev. Mac-Job Mkparo led a convoy of senior church officials to receive the Prelate.

Even a momentary downpour which threatened to stall the occasion could not deter the members of Bori Diocese, Christ Army Church Nigeria, as many assembled, drenched at the Yeghe Bridge to Boue Junction and along Hospital Road, Bori to receive the august visitor. As the convoy drove slowly through Hospital Road, women circled round the Prelate’s car, flagging white handkerchiefs as they marched with the vehicle.

The convoy became a major attraction as bystanders waved and cheered the Primate who returned their waves with smiles, leaving long trail of traffic behind. They made a turn at the Bori Main Park Roundabout and headed to the church.

The Prelate’s arrival caused a stir at the church with joyous melodies triggering an orgy of dancing and celebration, thanks to Catechist (Mrs.) Blessing Suanu Yaede of St. Luke’s CACN, Kono, who sensationally ‘sang down angels from Heaven’. Prelate Vurasi and his entourage proceeded to commission and dedicate the new Personage built by the Bori Diocese of CACN for the Bishop of Bori Diocese.

He later addressed the church when he informed them of his intention to retire from his position of Prelate, Head of Synod as well as President of Christ Army Church of Nigeria in April, 2023.

The Prelate admonished the church not to misconstrue his retirement as quitting from the church.  According to him, there is time for everything in life, adding that as God rested after creation, man also had to rest after every undertaking.

“By the grace of God, I will be retiring from the office of the Prelate and President of the Christ Army Church of Nigeria effective from April, 2023.  And because of that, you may not be seeing much of me as before.  So, I deemed it necessary to come and inform you of the retirement, and to thank you, the entire members of Bori Diocese and the other well-wishers for the wonderful support you gave to me during my service.

“I did not just work with you as Arch Bishop and Prelate, I started here as a Catechist and junior officer for that matter.  And that is not all, I served in the ministry for 67 years”, the Prelate said, as he officiated a special communion service where all the Communicants were served in his honour.

The Prelate Vurasi also urged the church to aim for perfection, and stay in peace and unity. He said the body of Christ needed united to go forward.

He commended the Bori Diocese of CACN for the strides attained in recent years, which he attributed to love and unity among the brethren. “This Diocese has shown tremendous example of what a church should be.  What we see today were not there before, the big edifice was there but not decorated as we see today, the Personage was not there, and so on and so forth”, he said.

He added that love and unity bring development not only in the home or community but in the church, and charged everyone present to spread the message as his passionate appeal to the church.

Earlier in his welcome address, Bishop Mac-Job Mkparo had recalled that the Bori Diocese was created out of the former Ogoni Diocese in December, 2012 Conference at St. Peter’s Otuafu/Otunria Station in Ngo Archdeaconry, priding that Bori which is the smallest among other Diocese, has in his words, ‘refused to be taking last in everything we do both as a Diocese and at the Synod level’.

Bishop Mkparo lauded the Prelate for the sterling achievements recorded over the years, even as he cataloged some of the challenges facing the church.

The Bishop made appeals and suggestions: “The Synod should try to see that the constitution of the church is operational in all the Diocese of the Synod, because it looks like the Constitution is operating only in Bori Diocese.

“The Synod should start thinking of having her own common prayer book which will contain our distinct mode of worship because we have come of age.  They Synod should put leg down to see that those Prophets/Prophetesses who are still sacrificing are shown the way out of the organization – Christ Army Church Nigeria, in order to sanitize the church of God.

“The decisions taken at the last Synod session at Andoni Diocese in 2021 be implemented to the later”.

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