Oba’s One Year In The Eyes Of Stakeholders

The one year anniversary of the enthronement of Barrister Nwachuku Nnam Obuoha-Obi as the 12th Oba of Ogbaland and 3rd  in the Nnam-Obi dynasty of Eze Ogba, has elicit excitement, both for the people of Ogba ethnic nationality and beyond as they chorus the fact that the reign has brought blessings to the oil-rich land.

Some stakeholders, who spoke to National Network during the Oba’s thanksgiving at the St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Omoku and also at his opulent palace where guests were thrilled to traditional cultural performances, said his one year on the throne is worth celebrating given his achievements so far.

HRH, Louis Chukwudi Ajie JP, Iyasara XIII, Traditional Prime Minister of Ogba Kingdom

What happened today is to prove that the man who has reigned for one year, peacefully, His Eminence, Barrister Nwachuku Nnam Obuoha Obi III, Oba of Ogbaland is a man chosen by God Almighty. When the righteous rules, the people rejoice.  You can see how happy and overjoyed everybody is. Despite just one year, you could see that he has achieved so much. We are no longer where we used to be before now.

We have what we call Nchaka Festival.  It is our annual yam festival.  In Ogbaland, we end our year in the month of November, and from December, it is a new year.  At the end of November, everyone – farmers, fishermen and hunters will come to celebrate the glory of God because God led them to their various fields successfully without any hitch. 

Sadly, our people see the Nchaka as fetish festival.  Oba set a committee into the areas people feel is fetish and expunge it so that both Christians and traditional people can together celebrate Nchaka.

Another area is that there used to be agitations and conflicts among oil and gas producing families.  Oba has brought a system of sharing, giving the landlords a reasonable percentage, to seize the crisis. Now the landlords are happy.

Our people are noted for invocation of juju.  Oba has put a stop to that.  It is now prohibited for any person to just wake up and invoke juju for his neighbor.  Anyone who is aggrieved will go to the chief of the family for adjudication. Where they are not able to handle the matter at the family level, it will be appealed to the Ochioha.

Bro. Felix Amechi Obuah, Mba Anabara Agu of Orashi Region and Former Rivers State PDP Chairman

Words would fail me to describe how I feel about the Oba and his one year anniversary on the throne.  The great Oba, Odudu, Epita is a king chosen by God Almighty, and this has been substantiated by his conduct of affairs of the crown.

As you can see, he is unapologetic about his authority as a Christian. He is grounded in the word of God and that is why the past one year has enthroned peace and tranquility in the land.  His God-given wisdom is simply amazing and beyond comprehension.

In just one year, you could see the prosperity in the land of Ogba.  You can imagine the level of development that his reign would attract to us in the coming years.  Long live our king.  You will reign for ever!

Prince Shadrach Akalokwu, PDP Chieftain and Former Aide To Rivers State Governor

The Oba’s one year reign is very peaceful and exciting. He worked assiduously to bring back peace in not just Ogbaland but in the whole of ONELGA.

We are delighted and bless God that one year has gone by.  We look forward to greater years to come.  As we say here, ‘God save the king, and may he rule for ever’. I am particularly delighted with his proclamation that St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Omoku shall remain the official church of the crown.

The church has been given historical reunification.  This happened many years ago when the church took responsibility for the coronation and crowning of our kings.  Today, it has been reestablished that from now one, the church shall participate fully in the coronation of future Oba’s of this kingdom, and that is a historical landmark.

We are very happy that this is happening in the house of God.  It shows conviviality of purpose between the church and the state which has always been there from ancient times.

Dr. Emmanuel Nwabrije, Former Rivers Governorship Candidate, Democratic Peoples Party (DPP)

It is a thing of joy to be alive to witness what we just saw today.  The Oba has done well and we give all glory to God.  God endowed him with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and he has been carrying on with total humility with divine direction, knowing what it takes to lead a large people like the blessed Ogba ethnic nationality.  So, we rejoice and pray that Elohim will continue to shield him and grant him favour in the sight of God and men.

The Almighty God will endow him with more wisdom.  Each day, group come with issues and the Lord has always put words in his mouth to speak to each and everyone of them.  It is interesting to know that no one comes to him and leaves empty.  Each group that comes to the palace for visit, will always have a word to go back home with.

His style of leadership is people oriented.  As young as he is, so humble and that is why all we are seeing are people oriented projects.  We thank God for giving him to us.  He is actually a gift to Ogbaland.

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