Omoku Stands Still As Oba Of Ogbaland Celebrates One Year On Throne

…Rededicates Crown, Kingdom To God

It was praises and worship galore at the St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Omoku, headquarters of Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA), as the monarch of Ogba kingdom, His Eminence, Oba Nwachuku Nnam Obuoha-Obi III, celebrated one year of ascending the throne, Sunday, October 2, 2022.

Nwachuku Nnam Obuoha-Obi who put his name in history books as the 12th Oba of Ogbaland and 3rd in the Nnam-Obi dynasty of Eze Ogba, brought family members, former colleagues, friends and well wishers to thethanksgiving service which was presided over by the Vicar in charge of St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Omoku, Ven. Dr. Benjamin C. Ekpeye.

The service which was spiced with glamour and splendour, was graced by personalities from all walks of life, including the Executive Chairman of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Hon. Vincent Nwaobakata Job; former Rivers Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bro. Felix Obuah; member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Prince Uchechukwu Nnam-Obi and Professor Uche Dike, Senior Lecturer at the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State.

Also present at the service was Prince Shadrach Akalokwu, influential politician and member of the Oba’s Council of Chiefs.

Traditional rulers from the major clans of Ogbaland namely, Usomini,Egi and Igburu, sparkled in their all-white attires, laced with matching feathered red caps and beads.

A cross section of the women appeared in their best, and conspicuously noticed dancing during the praise and worship sessions, even as many struggled for space at filled church auditorium, leaving those who could not find seats to seek solace outside.

The St. Michael’s Anglican Church Choir sang the processing hymn, ‘O Praise Ye the Lord, Praise Him in the Height’. It was followed by ‘Amazing grace’, to march in the Oba, his wife and their horde of entourage.

Clad in his fblue flowing robe, leaving his head uncapped, Oba Nwachuku,  marched in. On his side, his wife, Olori Ifeyinwa Nwachuku Obi joined in her blue and yellow laced attire. The Bishop’s wardens carried the mace as the couple walked briskly to take their seats.

Then came the moment for the sermon and the Vicar in charge, Ven Dr. Benjamin Ekpeye seized the atmosphere to delivered his message titled, “The Purpose of our calling”.

Taking his text from Eph. 4:1-6, the cleric charged the faithful to live a life worthy of the calling which they have received.

The priest remarked that people from within and outside Ogbaland have gathered to celebrate a king who is conscious of his calling, leading the prople on the path of honour.

He said nothing is more fulfilling like walking accorfing to God’s purpose and calling, adding that Oba Nwachuku has within one year of his reign, won the heart of his subjects.

While calling on the people to support the Oba in all his endeavors, the Vicar praised the monarch for his untiring efforts to enthrone godly leadership in the land.

His words, “Development is coming to Ogbaland because when the righteous is on the throne, light shines on the land. But anywhere God is not planted, there won’t be development”, he said, as he declared, “Our king is our pride. Our king is our identity”.

The Oba and wife were later served the Holy Communion by the Vicar before the rest of the communicants, leaving out none-Anglicans except Catholics and members of the First African Church.

Highlight of the church service was special songs ministration by the trio of St Michael’s Anglican Church Choir;  Church of God (7th day) Mass Choir, rendering ‘ Mbana Mbana Kayekela’ and God’s Mercy Seat Choir which delivered ‘E don do am put jara’, leaving the audience dancing and applauding.

The Thanksgiving session provided Oba Nwachuku an ample chance to speak to the people. Greeting the people for felicitating with him, the Oba reiterated his pledged to put God above everything he does.

He prostrated at the altar and prayed from his heart: “The God to whom all lives belong. It is out of your mercies and graciousness have you made me king.  I feel my entitlement, neither do I feel qualified.  But I am all things by your mercy and love.  How can such as me lead the people so great and mighty? 

“O God, maker of all things.  Now I pray you the living God.  With your people, whom you have given me have we surrendered our all long to you.  Today we surrender the land of Ogba, every man, every woman, every creature that you have made in this land.  That you may rule and reign over all.  Jehovah Almighty, because of the abundance of thy love and graciousness, because it has pleased you to bring us to this point, I pray you Jehovah, that as we call upon you, you will hear us”. 

Amid intermittent ‘Amen’ from the congregation, the Oba continued: “That as the people pray to you, you will answer.  Jehovah Almighty, excel and show thyself strong and mighty.  Come, come, and come into the midst of your people.  Rule and reign over all.  And may your name alone be glorified over all this land.  No man shall ever share in your glory, for we do not deserve it.  It is only you who is deserving and worthy.  Holy, holy, holy.  Holy art thou, Lord God Almighty.  Blessed be your name, for this is the prayer of your servant, that you bless your people, that you bless this land with peace.  That you bless them with prosperity that only you can give.  That the world may know that thou art God who rules and reign over all”.

The Oba’s prayer was followed by a proclamation.  With his wife, Olori Ifeyinwa kneeling beside him at the altar, the Ogba monarch officially pronounced her the ‘Queen of Ogbaland’, vesting on her all powers and authority attached to her office, even as he recommended that future Obas in the land remain monogamous, as prescribed in the scriptures.

He further proclaimed that the St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Omoku would henceforth, become the official church of the Crown.

As the thanksgiving service drew to a close, the procession moved to the king’s palace where the Oba hosted the people to a variety of cultural entertainment.  Fully clad in his traditional regalia, the Oba sat on his throne, a distant position where his guards stood with their swords drawn.

Just when the audience thought that the Port Harcourt-based Heavenly Voices gospel group had won their heart, the rave of Ogba traditional music, Junior Pope Ogbu harped into the stage.  Even from the distant position where the Oba sat, he was seen gently tapping his foot and shaking his head in appreciation of the marvelous rhythm of the beat.

Real name, …Ogbu is a member of the ONELGA Legislative Assembly, representing Ward 9.  He is the son of the revered late Pope Ogbu, popularly called ‘Oga Ibewa’, a singing marvel whose music traversed Ogbaland and thrilled traditional music lovers in the 70s and 80s.

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