Kennedy Friday And His Crude Pot Of Distortion

It has become a regular thing for Kennedy Friday to take potshots at very highly placed individuals in society to gain cheap attention, especially those from his tribe.

This, he does in ignorance and arrogance to anyone opposed to his political paymaster and him.

Just yesterday, as always, he didn’t fail in his trademark kindergarten propaganda and distortion of facts to score some political points for his master.

In an attempt to achieve his dubious aim, he took to social media, exibiting his infantile absurdity by distorting and twisting a clear and simple statement made by the highly respected Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Dekor, a man whose records in the Green Chamber is unrivaled in the history of Khana/Gokana Constituency.

The crowd of supporters and cloud of beneficiaries of Rt Hon Dekor’s people-centred representation that cut across party lines, lend credence to this fact.

The Rt. Hon. Dekor who is one of the leaders of PDP in Ogoni had simply asked the Ogonis to cast their votes for the governorship candidate of his party, Sir. Siminalayi Fubara, stating that the Ogonis would also need same favour and support from other tribes in the circumstance.

Incidentally, while the seasoned lawmaker was saying this in Ogoni land, Sen. Magnus Abe was far away, speaking to indigenes of other tribes soliciting their supports for his ambition.

SDP leaders from other tribes including Kalabari have also spoken to their people to support Sen. Abe against their own sons and daughter who are also vying for the same position as Sen. Abe but their statements did not generate any buzz on social media or any other platforms.

If you care to know why their campaign messages did not generate any fuss on social media and were not distorted or coloured in the pot ethnic sentiments, the answer is simple; it is because they don’t have an amateurish Merchant of Lies and a Purveyor of Falsehood like Kennedy Friday.

Kennedy Friday was in his full distortionist regalia to cook in his crude pot the usual bilious hogwash that has become synonymous with his name.

As expected, it was as misleading as it was neauseating.

He came with his usual bland meal targeting the unwary public.

Majority of the people already know Kennedy Friday and his bent for cooking tasteless meals of lies.

His unsavoury meal of deceit always have either too little or too much salt; too little or too much pepper; over spiced or under spiced, overcooked or undercooked.

We understand that in seeking to run down another man, he (Kennedy) could go any length and a clear example is this his recent baleful attack on Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor.

Let us state clearly that this time, he directed his blunt dart to a wrong target.

The fictitious fabrications and twirling of facts to whip up sentiment from unsuspecting members of the public is one of the familiar antics of Kennedy.

The good thing is that he can only succeed in deceiving those who don’t know his tomfoolery.

Majority of the people already know him and his knacks for attacks on progressive minds who oppose his views.

A glance at his Facebook page would easily prove this.

The sad reality is that, in his attempt to lower the esteem of the revered Rt. Hon. Dekor in the eyes of right thinking members of the public, he keeps attracting more enemies to his benefactor, Sen. Magnus Abe.

I believe that Kennedy knows the consequences of bringing someone’s reputation to disrepute in the eyes of rational members of society, especially when it is based on falsehood.


Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor Media Team

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