Rivers PDP Campaign Council Accuses Amaechi Of Working With Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party has accused the leader of the APC in Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, of being a member of a vicious cabal that has inflicted pain and lot of suffering on Rivers people and other innocent Nigerians.

It has also challenged him to deny that he has no hand as a member of the cabal in the naira crisis and the fuel scarcity that have made life a living nightmare in Nigeria.

Director of Publicity and Communications of the Rivers PDP Campaign Council, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said in a statement that Amaechi is part of the cabal that has tormented innocent and hardworking Nigerians.

He said it is an established fact that Amaechi who recently reconciled with members of the PDP’s Presidential Campaign Council in Rivers State has been secretly working with the Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and others in the cabal to starve Nigerians of much needed funds in the name of politics.

“Nigerians have been forced to go through the eye of the needle in search of money with which to meet their daily needs and feed their families.

“Unknown to most Nigerians, the vicious cabal that has made it a duty to inflict pain and suffering on the rest of us has done so deliberately in order to influence the outcome of the forthcoming elections.

“As a political party, we have gathered credible intelligence which supports the view that the leader of the APC, Rt Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, is a member of the cabal that has caused the naira crisis as well as the fuel scarcity and brought untold hardships on ordinary Rivers people and other Nigerians.

“Only recently, he reconciled with members of the Presidential Campaign Council in Rivers State as part of the carefully woven plot. We equally know for certain that he has been holding secret meetings with the PDP presidential candidate.

“We challenge the former Minister of Transportation to deny this fact. Let him deny that he is not one of those that are working with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar at this time to undermine the genuine aspiration of the people of Southern Nigeria.”

The PDP refuted claims made by the APC gubernatorial candidate, Pastor Tonye Cole that Governor Nyesom Wike is trying to enter his party through the back door.

The statement said that the comment attributed to the guber candidate has shown how very little he knows about politics.

Nwuke said if Governor Wike had wanted, he would have deserted the PDP a long time ago.

But he explained that “the Governor has maintained a principled position that he will not leave a party that he helped to build.”

“The stance of Governor Nyesom Wike since the crisis erupted in the party at the national level is well known. He has publicly maintained a principled position that he will not leave a party that he helped to build. That position has not changed.

“Wike has insisted that he and members of the G5 would remain in the PDP in order to ensure that the tenets which made the party a destination of choice are not destroyed by power mongers and selfish politicians who have little faith in the unity and stability of Nigeria.

“Pastor Tonye Cole has no reason to waste his saliva. Governor Nyesim Wike is going nowhere. He has no plan today, tomorrow or in the near future to join the APC through the front or back door.

“Given his rabid comments, Cole has demonstrated a poor understanding of how politics works. This explains why many in the State, including politicians, think that he is an outsider.

“We believe that the APC candidate is a poor judge of circumstances, permanent interests and intervening variables in the polity which shape the present as well as the future of states and nation-states.

“Cole who betrayed Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs in 2018 to snatch the ticket of the APC should be properly guided by those who have a firm knowledge of the master art that politics is.

“In trying to curry cheap popuIarity and catch a few mentions in the press, Cole is exposing his underbelly and making a great mockery of himself.

Reiterating that Governor Wike has no secret agenda, the PDP insisted that it will continue to fulfill its historic mission.

“The Rivers PDP is fielding candidates from the governorship through the Senate and the House of Representatives to the House of Assembly. This means that we are deeply rooted in our political party, differences at the national level notwithstanding.

“Our decision not to support the candidate of the party in the presidential elections is something Nigerians understand. If Tonye Cole is unwilling to support the candidate of his own party, he should say so.

“Rather than peeping at a political crystal ball that is sending confusing signs about people that he cannot decode, Cole should retire home and face the reality of his impending defeat at the forthcoming poll.

“From all indications, candidates of the Rivers PDP are poised to win on February 25th and again on March 11, 2023. And Rivers people who support our great party and its leadership are working tirelessly to ensure that victory is won.

“What we are doing in the PDP is none of Cole’s business. I think he should be told that clearly. We know where we are coming from. We also know where we going to. Cole is not a home boy. So how can he understand the direction of Rivers people?

“Without mincing words, Mr. Cole is acting like an univited tombo fly. He is indeed not welcome at the breakfast table.

“Rivers people do not have the luxury of time to spend at the door post of a meddlesome interloper who is behaving like a drowning man.

“We see his comments pertaining to Governor Wike as the product of a political neophyte whose intentions as a Southerner bear huge question marks.

“When Governors of his own party from across the country are busy working to achieve a political balance that will rescue Nigeria and enable the South to produce the next president, Cole and his sponsors are conniving with members of a faceless cabal that is bent on creating disaffection, national instability and distrust.

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