Full Blown Fascism Imminent In Nigeria – Pat Utomi

A chieftain of the Labour Party (LP), Pat Utomi has raised the alarm over what he called creeping fascism gradually being entrenched in the Nigerian Political system.

Utomi came out with this in an Arise News Programme where he was analyzing the February 25, 2023 debacle, called Presidential election.

According to him, few hawks in the country have allegedly hijacked power and were using it wickedly against the masses.

He said Nigerians, particularly the youths across the country came together to retrieve the power from them at the February 25 Presidential Election, but the hawks could not allow it, as they allegedly conspired and stole the mandate of the people.

Utomi who was the former chairman, defunct Volkswagen of Nigeria (VON), said the Nigerian youths formed a circle around Peter Obi, the only Presidential candidate that built his political structure on ideas and voted for him massively, but regretted that those who were determined to hold Nigeria down forever did not allow their dream to come true.

The Labour Party political bigwig said these hawks’ only reason to hold power was to use it to oppress the masses, instead of using it for development, stressing that fascism was creeping in the political system, which should be stopped by all means.

“If we don’t stop the creeping fascism now, it will consume us,” the powerful political analyst said, stressing that the only way to escape it if it becomes full-blown is to leave the country.

Utomi said these fascists had become heavily entrenched in the political system, so much so that it will be difficult to dismantle them.

The Edo born political guru prayed that the courts should come to the rescue of the masses by using justice to retrieve their stolen mandate from the political hawks.

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