MOSOP Debunks Compensation Rumours

...Cautions NNPC Against Inciting Crisis In Ogoni

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called on Nigeria’s NNPC Limited to desist from inciting fresh conflicts in Ogoni.

The call, according to MOSOP has become necessary following rumours that some monies had been paid by the NNPC Limited into the accounts of some private individuals to facilitate oil production in the Ogoni area.

MOSOP stated that its findings do not suggest any truths in the said rumours having contacted all their allies and affiliates globally and confirmed that no monies have been approved by any agency or government for compensation to the Ogoni people at this time.

“We can also state that to the best of our knowledge, no monies have been paid to any individuals on behalf of the Ogoni people amounting to the tune of $300m,” it added.

“We do know that the Ogoni cleanup funds have been severely looted in excess of $200 million and these lootes end up in people’s pockets but in respect of compensation, MOSOP wants to state that to the best of our knowledge, the current fraudulent cleanup has not made any provision for compensation.

“MOSOP wishes to reemphasize the need for the NNPC Limited to clarify these rumours while we urge the Ogoni people, particularly, the youths, to disregard rumours which clearly are designed to cause crises against some unnamed individuals and incite an unprecedented crises to justify another military crackdown in Ogoni.

“We want to warn every Ogoni that anyone who makes unfounded allegations to incite the people against themselves or certain individuals is an enemy of Ogoni and we will strongly urge Ogoni youths not to fall for this very deadly weapon set by enemies.

“The NNPC Limited has clearly spoken of a plan to forcefully resume oil production in Ogoni and has been sponsoring some individuals and politicians to achieve its oil resumption goals. We will urge Ogonis not to fall for these cheap blackmails.

“Keeping in mind that the enemies including the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited have always used divide and conquer tactics in their attempts to break us, we will emphasize that incitements against individuals would suggest a hidden plan to cause crises in Ogoni and unleash another military crackdown to eliminate more civil rights actors in Ogoni.

“We wish to remind you all that this is not the first attempt of the NNPC Limited to force its way into Ogoni and information engineering combined with shameless propaganda should not be something the Ogoni people will fall for.

“Let us further state that MOSOP is at the moment, primarily committed to pursue the implementation of the Ogoni Development Authority as an acceptable proposal to resolve the Ogoni issues. We are also pursuing the decriminalization of the nine Ogonis executed by the Nigerian government on November 10, 1995 and will not be distracted by cheap blackmails that are clearly intended to kill the Ogoni people.

“MOSOP urges all Ogonis to always check with their local chapter leaders or visit the MOSOP Secretariat in Bori for information clarifications and to get the right information on the state and direction of the Ogoni struggle at any time”.

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