Milestone Achieved As Ndoni Community Celebrate New Motor Park Commissioning

Ndoni Community in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA) was thrown into jubilation on Friday, September 29, 2023 as a long-awaited dream of a new motor park came to fruition with the commissioning of the Ndoni Motor Park.

The elation reached its peak as the Executive Chairman of ONELGA and his retinue of dignitaries officially inaugurated the facility.

It was gathered that for years, the lack of a proper motor park had been a pressing issue in Ndoni Community as previous administrations had been unable to address this need, leaving the community in distress.

However, Hon. Job’s proactive approach and dedication have now brought relief and joy to the residents of Ndoni community.

Chief Albert Ajieh, the esteemed President General of Ndoni Community who spoke on behalf of the people at the occasion, expressed his gratitude and admiration for the ONELGA Council Chairman.

“The importance of a modern motor park in the socio-economic development of a people cannot be over-emphasized, hence our joy is full today that after many years, a project that has featured repeatedly in the annual estimate of ONELGA Council has finally seen the light of the day”, said the elated royal father.

Describing Hon. Vincent Job and his team as “political missionaries of the new era”, Chief Ajieh remarked that the efforts of the Chairman has not only provided Ndoni people with a motor park but also renewed their hope in good governance and progress.

The commissioning ceremony was a celebratory affair, attended by a multitude of community members and well-wishers.

Children from the local primary school were eager to entertain Chairman Vincent Job with vibrant performances.

The delightful presentation showcased the young talents and underscored the community’s excitement about the new motor park.

“Our dear Chairman, by completing the Ndoni Motor Park project and numerous other projects across ONELGA, you and your team have demonstrated that you are a people’s government that is sensitive to the needs of the people whose mandate you hold in trust.  You have done exceptionally well with your unique leadership style”, he said.

In his address to the people, the ONELGA Council boss expressed his gratitude to the people of Ndoni community for their patience and support throughout the construction process.  He pledged to continue working diligently to improve the lives of the community and assured them of his commitment to further development initiatives.

Adding to the festivity, the “Egwu Igba Cultural Dance,” a traditional masquerade dance, was performed in honor of the ONELGA Chairman.

The rhythmic and colorful display of culture brought a sense of unity and heritage to the occasion, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Ndoni community.

The commissioning of the motor park marks a significant milestone for Ndoni, symbolizing progress, unity, and hope for a brighter future under Chairman Vincent Job’s leadership.

The people of Ndoni eagerly await the positive impact this new infrastructure will bring to their community.

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