Let Reason Prevail – Dakuku

1. I have watched with utter disbelief and disgust the most recent developments in Rivers State.
2. Our once peaceful Rivers State has been turned into a theatre of the absurd by desperate political actors who do not wish the State well.

3. I condemn, in all ramifications, the raw violence that followed what should ordinarily be average political engagements

4. I also completely condemn the unwarranted disruption of normal governmental activities by politically motivated interest. All people of goodwill who love our dear State and democracy must condemn this in no mean measure.

5. I have read in the media, impeachment issues and the like. In good conscience, impeachment issues cannot arise in less than 5 months of incumbency. It sends the wrong signal that our State is a land of theatrics.

6. Nothing in the political landscape has shown that the Executive Governor has compromised the State’s interest or put our State in a severe security quagmire.

7. I have always said that no pursuit of personal interest or ambition can override the interest of Rivers State and its people. We, political leaders, must always watch our actions and tame our excesses.

8. I appeal to all political actors to allow time and space for the Governor to do his job. Only one Governor can function at a time. I also appeal to members of RSHA to focus on the business of law-making and get less distracted by the pursuit of personal ego or narrow pecuniary interest.

9. Finally, I appeal to all leaders in Rivers State to intervene in measured terms with the overall interest of our State in mind. Posterity will judge all of us. Let us allow reason to prevail, please.

Dr Dakuku Peterside
Political leader. APC Leader.
2015 Rivers State Governorship candidate of APC.

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