Rivers ANAN Celebrates International Accountants Day, With Insightful Lectures On TSA, Financial Literacy

The Rivers State branch of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) on Friday, November 10, 2023, joined her counterparts across the world to celebrate the International Accountants Day at the prestigious Justice Mary Odili Judicial Complex along Moscow Road in Port Harcourt.

The highly colourful event was marked with thought-provoking lectures delivered by the erudite Professor Lawyer Chukwuma  Obara of the Rivers State University, and multiple awards winner, Dr. Evaristus Maduawuchi Okejim.

Prof. Obara, an accounting guru and renowned academia, in his lecture titled, ‘Issues and Challenges facing the full implementation of TSA in Nigeria’, identified peculiar challenges hampering the policy implementation, such as bureaucratic bottlenecks, resistance from some governmental agencies, and the complexity of aligning diverse financial systems amongst others.

Addressing the gathering, Professor Obara emphasized the need for a coordinated effort to overcome these challenges, stressing that the TSA policy is crucial for enhancing transparency, preventing corruption, and streamlining government financial operations.

In the second lecture, titled ‘Advancing Financial Literacy for Sustainable Future: Wealth Creation Strategies’ which was expertly delivered by Dr. Evaristus M. Okejim, the seasoned Accountant and author,  passionately defined financial literacy as the ability to read, write and understand as well as use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

Dr. Okejim who highlighted the advantages of financial literacy in eradicating poverty in Nigeria, pointed out that a financially literate population is better equipped to make informed financial decisions, manage resources efficiently, and contribute to economic growth.

Advocating for the inclusion of Financial Literacy as a General Studies course in tertiary institutions, he emphasized the pivotal role education plays in shaping a financially responsible society.

In his address, Chairman of the occasion and Executive Chairman of Ahoada West Local Government Area, Hon. Hope Ikiriko, touched on the implementation of the TSA policy, emphasizing its potential to transform the economic landscape of Nigeria.

Ikiriko also underscored the importance of financial literacy as a key wealth creation strategy, echoing the sentiment that an educated populace is a prosperous one.

Earlier in his welcome address, Chairman of ANAN in Rivers State, Dr. Chidi Emmanuel Orlu, commended accountants for their indispensable role in economic development.

He urged his colleagues to prioritize computer education and proposed that regulatory bodies make computer proficiency a prerequisite for certification.

Dr. Orlu passionately called for increased financial literacy, stating, “I urge every Accountant to use his or her position to encourage and increase the level of financial literacy in our organizations and offices, as low financial literacy has negatively affected our economic and developmental growth as a nation and even our homes.”

The occasion featured a highly interactive session where attendees engaged the guest lecturers with questions, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Adding a touch of spice to the celebration, the event also recognized the National President of ANAN, Chief Dr. James E. Neminebor, for his exceptional support and encouragement, attributing it to the growth of ANAN in Rivers State and Nigeria at large.

The celebration concluded with a sense of optimism, as accountants and financial experts left with a renewed commitment to overcoming challenges and contributing to a financially literate and economically vibrant Nigeria.

International Accountants Day is a global observance dedicated to recognizing the contributions of accountants and finance professionals. Celebrated on November 10th each year, it highlights the crucial role accountants play in financial management, transparency, and economic development. The day aims to foster awareness about the accounting profession’s significance in maintaining financial integrity and aiding informed decision-making in various sectors.

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