We’re Set To Revolutionize Food Production In Nigeria – iFood

iFood Ecosystem Worldwide, Nigeria’s fastest growing food producers, has unveiled an innovative solution aimed at transforming food accessibility and agricultural practices for Nigerians on a global scale.

The company’s Int’l Marketing Director, Dr. Johnson disclosed this while addressing journalists at a one day seminar organized for agents and distributors at the company’s Rivers corporate headquarters talong SARS Road, Port Harcourt on Saturday.

Dr. Johnson, popularly known as “Mayor of MLM”, who described iFood as a beacon of opportunity and transformative innovation, emphasized its core mission as food security and affordable access to quality nutrition.

Lamenting the dire consequences of exorbitant food prices which has led to widespread starvation in the country, Johnson said the situation prompted the call for Nigerians to join the iFood Community.

“Inflated food prices in the country is also attributable to the arduous processes market vendors endure, significantly elevating costs from farm to market” he explained..

Dr. Johnson stated that all iFood products are exclusively Nigerian, produced through partnerships with local farmers, devoid of any imports.

He went on: “The crux of iFood’s initiative lies in enabling individuals to procure food at highly discounted rates while simultaneously receiving training in organic farming methods”.

He listed some of the foods currently in the company’s Food Mart to include affordably priced, locally sourced staples like rice, onions, palm oil, and yams.

The Int’l Marketing Director also highlighted the correlation between prevalent health challenges and the quality of food available in markets.

Addressing this concern, he said that iFood plans to educate people on transitioning to organic farming practices and steering away from harmful fertilizers and chemicals that adversely affect human health.

While asserting that iFood Ecosystem is fully registered and incorporated in Nigeria, Dr. Johnson said the federal and state governments are happy with the initiative and has pledged full support towards the success of the company.

The Mayor of MLM, who disclosed that the official launch of the iFood Ecosystem project is Port Harcourt is scheduled for January 27, 2024, promised that the occasion would be a groundbreaking event.

He urged residents of Rivers State to actively engage in and embrace this transformative program.

Dr. Johnson highlighted the additional opportunity for iFood Ecosystem members to secure a lifetime income, presenting the prospect of a stable financial future tied to the platform.

He gave further insight on the Farm to People project:  iFood’s Farm to People project offers comprehensive training in mechanized agriculture and organic farming, promising participants the opportunity to generate millions of Naira annually. And for a nominal registration fee of just #3,150, you can embark on this transformative journey towards agricultural success.”

As a parting note, Dr. Johnson extended heartfelt praise to Mr. Taiwo, the CEO of iFood Ecosystem, commending his pivotal role in presenting this invaluable opportunity to Nigerians during these challenging economic times.

In the same vein, agents and distributors, who shared their insights with journalists post-seminar, lauded the initiative, expressing profound gratitude to the CEO for his unwavering commitment towards uplifting the economic prospects of Nigerians.

The iFood Ecosystem initiative stands poised to revolutionize food access and agricultural practices in Nigeria, offering a promising pathway towards affordable, quality nutrition and sustainable farming methods.

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