Designers Of  Abuja Metro Station, Unfair To Nigerians – Wike

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has lamented the state of works at the Abuja Rail Mass Transit Scheme, also known as the Abuja Light Rail Project.

Wike, who was on tour of the station on Thursday, accompanied by senior officials of the FCTA, visited the Abuja Metro Station in the Central Business District and the Kukwaba II Train station, as well as the station’s access road, still under construction.

The Minister said he was in those places to see for himself the pace and quality of work on the light rail project in preparation for the commissioning ceremony scheduled for May 2024.

However, the minister appeared disappointed with what he saw and expressed dissatisfaction with observable security lapses at the Abuja Metro Station.

“From what I have seen, the designs are very poor. Whoever may have approved the designs is unfair to Nigerians.

“I’ve told CCECC that this kind of design is not even acceptable in their own country and if I had known before now, I would not have promised Mr. President that it would be ready.

“It will be very disastrous for me”, the Minister said, adding that excuses would not be accepted.

“But frankly speaking, knowing where I’m coming from, having presided over projects like this, I’m not in a happy mood at all.

“You can imagine if I am sitting in the office and then depending on the reports from those who said they are in the field, by the time I come here in May, I will be messed up.

But I thank God that I came to see things for myself,” he stated.

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