Bariere Moves To Strengthen Security In Khana, Unravels Plans To Unleash Terror On Citizens

As a proactive response to mounting security concerns within Khana Local Government Area, the executive Chairman of the council, Dr. Thomas Bariere has convened an emergency Security Council meeting with decisive resolutions aimed at safeguarding the lives and properties of its citizens.

Addressing the outcomes of the meeting, which held at the Suanu Finimale Nwika Conference Hall in Bori, headquarters of Khana Local Government Area on Monday, Dr. Bariere acknowledged the formidable challenge of insecurity upon assuming office, and underscored the imperative to tackle this issue head-on, given its adverse impact on community development.

The resolutions, he said, are aimed at mitigating security threats that have resulted in community abandonment and loss of lives and properties, adding that they reflect concerted efforts to invest in security infrastructure.

The Chairman expressed satisfaction that these investments have yielded positive dividends, fostering peace and progress in various Khana LGA communities.

To this end, Dr. Bariere directed that all gatherings with the potential to disrupt peace are prohibited, and must require prior authorization from council authorities and supervision by law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with security protocols.

In the light of credible intelligence, the Chairman said plans to instigate terror within the LGA has been uncovered, prompting the intensified security measures aimed at thwarting such threats.

He called on all stakeholders and residents to collaborate closely with security agencies, emphasizing collective responsibility in maintaining peace and security within Khana LGA.

The implementation of these comprehensive measures is anticipated to significantly fortify the security architecture, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of Khana LGA residents.

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