Rt. Hon Dekor Engages National Assembly Committee On Human Rights, Advocates For Host Communities

In his bid to champion the rights and welfare of host communities, the member representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Dumnamane Robinson Dekor, has met with the National Assembly Committee on Human Rights.

Addressing stakeholders at the PLAC programme hosted at the Marriott Hotel in Lagos on Friday, Rt. Hon. Dekor, who also chairs the Committee on Host Communities in the House of Representatives, emphasized the pivotal role of human rights in communities hosting oil and gas operations.

Highlighting the significance of collaboration, he declared, “The issues of human rights have always been the underlying factor in communities where operations of oil and gas activities take place.”

He expressed optimism that partnering with the Committee on Human Rights would significantly address these pressing concerns.

Rt. Hon. Dekor, a former Deputy Speaker in the Rivers State House of Assembly, elucidated on the mandate of his Committee, emphasizing its resonance with the core principles upheld by the Committee on Human Rights.

He cited a distressing case in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, where newborns experience alarming health challenges due to environmental factors linked to oil and gas activities.

The lawmaker who is also a onetime Works Commissioner in Rivers State, lamented the lack of legal representation for affected families and stressed the urgency of concerted efforts to address such problems.

Reflecting on the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) enacted in 2021, Rt Hon Dekor raised concerns over its delayed implementation, underscoring the imperative of collaborative action to expedite solutions.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to forge a partnership, Rt Hon Dekor affirmed, “We are very pleased to be here to partner with you as a committee and with the support of the National Human Rights Commission.”

He expressed confidence that collective endeavors would yield tangible benefits for host communities, guided by a shared commitment to justice and human dignity.

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