60th Birthday: Kpobee-Michael Applauds Dr. Nwielaghi’s Humility, Diligence

With reactions still trailing the 60th birthday celebration of the Chairman of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), Dr. Mike Nwielaghi on Sunday, March 17, 2024, a one-time Caretaker Committee Chairman of Gokana Local Government Area, Hon. (Mrs) Florence Kpobee-Michael has spoken highly of Dr. Nwielaghi’s extraordinary qualities.

In an exclusive interview with National Network in Port Harcourt, Wednesday, Hon. Kpobee-Michael described Nwielaghi as an exceptional individual.

She further referred to him as a wonderful man and an indescribable angel in human form, emphasizing his remarkable character.

She said, “He is a wonderful man. He is indescribable. He is an angel in human form.”

Kpobee-Michael who once contested the Chairmanship of Gokana Local Government Council, highlighted Dr. Nwielaghi’s humility and inclusiveness, adding that he conducts himself in a way that surpasses imagination.

She affirmed that Nwielaghi is a remarkably unassuming individual, effortlessly engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds without bias, while also emphazing his modesty and straight forwardness, highlighting his ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

When asked about Dr. Nwielaghi’s priorities in life, Hon. Kpobee-Michael responded that he puts God first, family second, and friends last.

She commended his commitment to remaining grounded while valuing his relationships.

Kpobee-Michael revealed that the idea to celebrate Dr. Nwielaghi’s 60th birthday originated from a group of close friends who deeply appreciate his impact.

“They came together and organized the event to show their appreciation. His friends made it happen”, she explained.

Regarding Dr. Nwielaghi’s contributions as Chairman of HYPREP’s Board of Trustees, Hon. Kpobee acknowledged their close relationship and modestly acknowledged his tremendous value to HYPREP.

Her words, “Dr. Nwielaghi brought more water to the area, established a Center of Excellence, and promoted positive developments”.

Kpobee-Michael urged the Ogoni people to remain hopeful and support one another.

She emphasized the need to uplift themselves and stop undermining their own people.

“We should keep hope alive. We should uplift ourselves. We should look up and realize that there is more for us to achieve.

We must stop undermining our own people and instead lead with love, so we can attain the heights that the Ogoni people deserve”, Kpobee-Michael charged.

As Dr. Mike Nwielaghi celebrates his 60th birthday, Hon. Florence Kpobee-Michael’s words stand as a testament to his exceptional character, significant contributions to HYPREP, and unwavering dedication to the Ogoni people.

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