60th Birthday: I’ll Dance, Celebrate More When HYPREP Mission Is Fully Realized – Dr Nwielaghi

The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), Dr. Mike Nwielaghi has marked his 60th birthday anniversary amidst jubilant cheers and celebratory melodies, reechoing his commitment to the monumental task of restoring and cleaning the environmentally devastated Ogoniland.

Addressing a captivated audience while giving a vote of thanks during the festivities in Port Harcourt on Sunday, Dr. Nwielaghi expressed profound gratitude while emphasizing the paramount importance of HYPREP’s mission.

“Let’s support the project. Let’s not badmouth it. This is your project, and the only thing you have. If we badmouth it or destroy it, it’s like cutting your nose to spite your face”, he asserted, emphasizing the critical role of community support in realizing HYPREP’s objectives.

Underscoring the magnitude of the endeavor, Dr. Nwielaghi implored both local communities and neighboring areas to collaborate in safeguarding the infrastructure integral to the project’s success.

“The size of sum we have committed to the project is so colossal that if we have to talk about it, and look at what has been spent, cutting pipes leaves much to be desired,” he stated emphatically.

While expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support, Dr. Nwielaghi remained steadfast in his commitment to prioritizing the completion of HYPREP’s mission before indulging in personal celebrations.

According to him, “I have not celebrated before and don’t find the need to do that. I insisted that we should deliver this project, then I can celebrate and dance when we have been able to deliver this project.”

The celebratory atmosphere reached a crescendo as Dr. Nwielaghi, accompanied by his wife, Florence, and the Project Coordinator of HYPREP, Professor Barine Zabe, joined the jubilant throng in a spirited dance to the infectious rhythm of traditional tunes. His exuberant movements mirrored the collective optimism and determination to overcome the environmental challenges plaguing Ogoniland.

Dignitaries who graced the ceremony include the Honourable Minister of Environment, Malam Balarabe Abbas, represented by Usman; Rivers State All Progressives Congress (APC) Caretaker Chairman, Chief Tony Okocha; one time in Works Commissioner in Rivers State,Dr Sampson Ngerebara; President of KAGOTE, Rt Hon E#mma Deeyah; former President of MOSOP, Legborsi Piagbara.

Others are the Executive Chairman of Khana Local Government Council, Dr. Thomas Bariere; Chief Victor Giadom, Prof Ben Nanni, Dr Lawrence Chukwu, Prof Roselyn Konya, Barr Joy Nunieh,  Dr. Jacobson Mbina, Hon. Dr Michael West and Adokiye Ikpoki.

Also present at the epochal event were Mr. Lesi Maol, Tein Jackrich and a host of friends, relatives and captains of industry.

Earlier in his speech, Chairman of the occasion and paramount ruler of Ogale Community, HRH, Bebe Okpabi praised Nwielaghi for his patriotism and industry. “At 60, you look strong. Twenty four hours is not enough for you. I urge you to continue to live your life for God, love Him and work hard as you are doing.

In their goodwill messages at the occasion, KAGOTE President, Rt. Hon. Emma Deeyah; Former Rivers Environment Commissioner, Prof. Roselyn Konya and Project Coordinator of HYPREP, Prof. Nanibarini Zabbey expressed their admiration for the outstanding qualities of the celebrant.

They praised him as a visionary leader, a tireless advocate for environmental sustainability and a true inspiration to all, while commending his remarkable achievements as the Chairman, BoT of HYPREP.

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