Dr. Nwielaghi Boosts OPA Annual Goodwill Grant, Donates N1m To 20 Beneficiaries

The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), Dr. Mike Nwielaghi,  has generously donated N1,000,000 as a grant for the annual Ogoni Peoples Assembly (OPA) Goodwill Grant.

The donation which was made at the OPA Secretariat, Rumuola Road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Saturday, was received by 20 beneficiaries chosen by the leadership of the OPA.
Dr. Nwielaghi’s contribution fulfills his longstanding commitment as the sole sponsor of the annual grant.

His dedication to supporting the OPA reflects his acts of charity, demonstrating his strong leadership and goodwill to the Ogoni people.

After handing over the grants to the beneficiaries, the leader of OPA, Reverend Probel Williams, expressed gratitude to Dr. Nwielaghi for his generosity and offered prayers for his continued protection, blessings, and well-being.

Several beneficiaries shared their appreciation for Dr. Nwielaghi’s benevolence, noting that the funds would enable them to establish small businesses such as point-of-sale services and retail ventures.

Dr. Nwielaghi’s donation serves as a remarkable example of how individuals can have a significant impact on their communities.

His philanthropy and unwavering commitment to the Ogoni cause are poised to create a lasting influence on the lives of the Ogoni people, inspiring hope and driving positive change for years to come.

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