The Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders met today, the 22nd day of March, 2024 at the Palace of His Royal Majesty (Sir), King Samuel L. A. Nnee, JP, Gbenemene Tai Kingdom and Paramount Ruler, Kpite Tai to review recent events in Tai Kingdom and resolved as follows:

  1. That we were embarrassed with news going round on the media that our King, His Royal Majesty (Sir) King Samuel L.A. Nnee JP, Gbenemene Tai Kingdom/Paramount Ruler, Kpite Tai has been suspended, sacked or removed by a Court.
  2. That we have not received any paper served on our Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders who are the owners of the Stool of Gbenemene Tai, neither were we sued as parties to the Suit bordering on the Stool of Gbenemene Tai which is the exclusive right of the Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders as the owners of the Stool.
  3. That Tai Kingdom is peaceful and has being in peace ever since His Royal Majesty was selected, elected, enthroned, coronated, recognised by Rivers State Government and staff of office and Certificate issued. Also, he has been duly gazetted with the Statutory Instruments in line with relevant laws, custom and tradition of Tai Kingdom, Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers and Rivers State.
  4. That the Stool is not and has never being in dispute, nor any contention to necessitate any induced litigation by the personal interest of an individual politician, Senator Barinada Mpigi who procure a member of the Tai council of Chiefs and Elders to do his bidding as to put the Stool of Tai people on sale for his economic and political intentions.
  5. We use this medium to express our sadness and disappointment that one of us, Chief Godwin Ndegwe, the Paramount Ruler of Kaani Bunu allowed himself to be procured for this obvious politically motivated academic exercise which is an effort in futility as to create an un-existing division and crisis in our ever united Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders.
  6. That we watched on Facebook and other social media handles where some political friends of Senator Barry Mpigi and surrogates held a meeting to whisper and mimic the said Chief Ndegwe as Regent contrary to the laws, custom and tradition of Tai people, such that the said Chief Godwin Ndegwe has arrogated to himself the tile of “His Royal Majesty” knowing fully well that it is criminal for him to put on a paraphernalia of an office he does not occupy.
  7. Consequent upon the above, a motion for his suspension was moved, supported, discussed and approved by the Council that Chief Godwin Ndegwe, Paramount Ruler of Kaani Bunu be suspended indefinitely from membership of the Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders and Tai Local Government Area.
  8. Also, the Council views with utter dismay, disdain and disheartening rascality and attempted judicial coup on Tai people by Senator Barinada Mpigi, and thereby distanced and disassociate ourselves from him and his actions and accordingly suspend him as an Ex-Officio Member of Council.
  9. That the members of Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders unanimously pass a “VOTE OF CONFIDENCE” on our King, His Royal Majesty (Sir) King Samuel L. A. Nnee JP, Gbenemene Tai Kingdom/Paramount Ruler, Kpite Tai to continue to function and perform without any fear of intimidation as no individual or institution, no matter how highly placed, can imposed any self ­induced person or surrogates or business partners to sell Ogoni oil as King on Tai people. This is because we are worried that Senator Barinada Mpigi is determined to dethrone any King or Chief in Ogoni who is not willing to join in the enterprise to sell Ogoni Oil.

This solution concludes that henceforth, nobody who is not a Paramount Ruler of a community recognized by the Constitution of Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders be it a politician, academician, religious leader, business moguls and associates etc should not meddle into the affairs of the traditional institution in Tai and are hereby advised to stay clear of the traditional institution of Tai Kingdom, else they will incur the traditional wraths of our ancestors and deities. We further called on all and sundry to be law abiding and leave Tai Traditional institution alone as the Traditional institution in Tai is not for sale.

A word is enough for the wise.

We are On behalf of Tai Council of Chiefs and Elders

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