FCT-IRS Empowers AMMC With ICT Equipment To Boost Revenue Collection Efforts

The Coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), Bro. Felix Obuah has received a generous donation of ICT equipment from the Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS). The aim of this donation is to enhance revenue collection by enabling electronic transactions at the AMMC’s ‘Front Office.’

During a visit to Mr. Felix Amechi Obuah’s office, the Acting Chairman of the FCT-IRS, Mr. Haruna Abdullahi, officially presented the ICT equipment, and emphasized that ongoing discussions with the AMMC, particularly with the Department of Development Control, have focused on streamlining payment processes and issuing electronic receipts.

Mr. Abdullahi stressed that while the computers provided are a positive step, they are just a fraction of the larger goal to improve efficiency in the targeted departments within the FCT. He expressed hope that this gesture would foster a strong relationship, making tasks easier for staff members and benefiting the FCT residents.

In response, Bro. Obuah expressed gratitude for the generous donation and assured the FCT-IRS that the equipment would be utilized effectively. He extended his thanks to the Chairman for his thoughtfulness and pledged to strengthen the cordial relationship between the two organizations.

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