Rotimi Amaechi Breaks Silence From School Against Docile Nigerians

Former Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has lamented the docility of Nigerians in the face of the difficulties in the land, saying that his silence in recent times has been because of his ongoing examinations.

Reacting to a story by an online portal that suggested that he was hobnobbing with the Governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, was because he was idle, Amaechi said that far from it that he had been much involved with his studies but not oblivious of an intrepid strutting the stage.

The online report with the header: “Is Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, an Employee of Abia State Governor, Alex Otti” had claimed that since leaving office as minister, Amaechi had found a new home at both the private and official residences of Otti.

But Amaechi, who snickered at the report and queried the depth of the reporter, stated in a press release that, if he allowed such deliberate snide remarks to slide, other equally demeaning concoctions could creep in with time and become the truth of “the truly lazy lot, who have nothing good to do with their lives and times.”

For the record, the former Rivers State governor, said, “I have only seen Alex thrice since I left office.

Once, at his inauguration and the other two times, at mine, when he visited, including at my recent graduation. That cancels out the first lie.

“But in case the lazy and inane reporter would like to know, Alex and I had been friends since our university days. He was a year, my junior.

We were all members of the Marxist Movement of Nigeria and also Youth Solidarity of Southern Africa and Nigeria under NANS (National Association of Nigerian Students).

“Thus, since my time as both the Governor of Rivers State and Minister of Transportation, our friendship had continued and in fact, he had been asking me lately to go and observe some rest because he thought I looked tired. But I think that’s because I’d been studying hard lately.

“Another former governor that I share similar relationship with is Senator Simon Lalong of Plateau State, whose elections I supported with everything a good friend possibly could, and he, too, remains my friend.

“So, staying off the radar of the current political misfortune is deliberate, especially since I am very busy with my academics at the moment. I’m currently writing examinations and therefore do not have the time for frivolities,” Amaechi said.

“If the reporter’s concern is that I am not talking, maybe partly because I am truly unhappy with the Nigerian citizens for their docility and the nation in general.

“But, certainly, not a cowardly choice. Let me state very clearly and also for the record, no one can chase me out of my state, Rivers, not even the intrepid nuisance currently strutting the stage. Far from it.

“Taken together, I don’t know if that report is as a result of poor training or deliberate mischief. But, whichever it is, the individual needs to also consider the integrity and credibility of his platform before trading on the alter gaudy giftings,” Amaechi said following his explanation on how his examinations have kept him away.

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