KAGOTE Diaspora Organization Cheers As Ogoni Sons Join Gov Fubara’s Cabinet

The appointment of two prominent Ogoni sons to key positions in the Rivers State government has stirred up a wave of celebration and pride within the Ogoni diaspora community.

Associate Professor Peter Medee and Honourable Sydney Tambari Gbara were recently named to the Executive Council of Rivers State, serving as Commissioners for Budget & Economic Planning and Environment respectively.

This milestone has been enthusiastically welcomed by the KAGOTE Diaspora Organization, an influential Ogoni socio-cultural group with members spread across the globe.

In a congratulatory message to Governor Siminialyi Fubara, KAGOTE’s leadership expressed deep gratitude for selecting these esteemed individuals to join his cabinet. “

The statement was signed by Chief Keaniabaridoo Edo, Chairman, KAGOTE Diaspora organization and Dumka Baabel, General Secretary, KAGOTE Diaspora organization

“We are confident that these men will discharge their responsibilities with dedication, commitment, and a sense of purpose,” the group declared, pledging their unwavering support for the governor’s leadership.

“The appointments are seen as a significant step forward for the Ogoni ethnic nationality, who have long advocated for greater representation in Rivers State’s political leadership.

“This milestone represents not just a year of devoted service but also a year of outstanding advancement and constructive change,” the KAGOTE Diaspora Organization noted.

“The organization is hopeful that Medee and Gbara’s vast experiences and passion for community development will translate into tangible progress for the region.

“They have been tested and trusted in sundry responsibilities and without any doubt, they will do it again, even better,” the group expressed confidently.

“As the Ogoni people celebrate this proud moment, the KAGOTE Diaspora Organization has called on the new appointees to be exemplary ambassadors for their community, leveraging their positions to drive meaningful change and uplift the Ogoni people”.

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