Babbe Advancement Forum Condemns Attempt to Instigate Violence in Khana

The Babbe Advancement Forum, a sociopolitical organization in Khana Local Government Area, has strongly condemned the attempts by displaced supporters of Nyesom Wike in Khana, led by the former chairman of Khana Local Government Area, Dr. Bariere Thomas, to instigate violence in Khana over a senseless protest.
According to a statement released by the forum, and signed by Hon. Emmanuel Aanee and Benedict Kinakah, the group described the actions of Wike’s supporters and Dr. Thomas as “reckless and irresponsible,” and called on them to desist from causing chaos and destruction in the community.
The statement read, “We are appalled by the attempts to instigate violence in Khana over a senseless protest. We urge all well-meaning citizens of Khana to reject this senseless violence and instead embrace peaceful and constructive engagement.”
The group further issued a stern warning to supporters of Nyesom Wike, the former Governor of Rivers State, never to dare to protest in Khana local government area again, or face vehement resistance. The forum also condemned the violence and vowed to protect the peace and stability of the community.
They said, “We will no longer tolerate any form of violence or protest in our community. We warn Wike’s supporters to never again attempt to protest in Khana, or they will face the full force of our resistance.
The forum has also called on the security agencies to take necessary measures to prevent any further violence in the community. “We urge the security agencies to be proactive and prevent any further breakdown of law and order in Khana,” the statement read.
This development comes after a protest in Khana turned violent, with properties damaged and several people injured. The forum has urged the community to remain calm and peaceful, and to work towards building a better future for all.

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