Babbe Advancement Forum Applauds Governor Fubara’s Infrastructure Development Efforts in Khana LGA

Hails Him For Appointment Of Khana Sons And Daughters

The Babbe Advancement Forum, a sociopolitical organization in Khana Local Government Area, of Rivers State expressed its heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency, Sir Siminalaye Fubara, Executive Governor of Rivers State, for his administration’s commitment to infrastructure development in Khana LGA and for appointing our dear brothers into his cabinet.

We are thrilled and excited to acknowledge the awarding of contracts for the reconstruction of Bori General Hospital and the Bori internal roads; because these projects will significantly improve the healthcare and transportation infrastructure in our community, enhancing the quality of life for our people and will also boost economic activities, improve connectivity, and reduce travel time within the Bori.

We commend Governor Fubara’s vision and dedication to transforming Rivers State and Khana LGA. His administration’s investments in infrastructure development demonstrate a commitment to the well-being and prosperity of our people.

As a group we also expressed our heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency, Sir Siminalaye Fubara, Executive Governor of Rivers State, for appointing sons and daughters of Khana LGA into his cabinet. We are thrilled to see our kinsmen, RT. Hon. Barieenee Deeyah, Hon. Sydney Gbara, Mr. Victor Kii, and Ambassador Marvin Yobana, appointed into key positions in the state government. This gesture demonstrates Governor Fubara’s commitment to inclusivity and recognition of our community’s potential.

The appointments of our sons and daughters into the cabinet will bring about a sense of belonging and empowerment, as they will contribute their expertise and knowledge to the development of Rivers State.

We are confident that they will make a positive impact in their respective roles and make our community proud.

We thank Governor Fubara for his wise decision and for giving our people a voice in his administration. We look forward to continued collaboration and development under his leadership. 

Signed. Hon. Emmanuel Aanee and Mr. Benedict Kinakah.

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