Reject Illicit Wealth, Embrace Honest Pursuits, OPA Leader, Rev Williams Tells Ogoni Youths

The Leader of the Ogoni Peoples Assembly (OPA), Rev. Probel Williams has admonished Ogoni youths of Gokana Local Government Area, Rivers State  to shun the pursuit of illicit wealth and instead focus on legitimate means of achieving success.

Delivering a keynote speech on the subject: ‘Illicit Wealth Accumulation and Youth Development in Gokana’ on Sunday, June 30, 2024, Rev. Williams highlighted the damaging effects of illegal activities on individuals and the community.

The OPA leader began his lecture by emphasizing the natural struggle for survival and the human tendency to seek wealth and dominance. He noted that Gokana, a part of the Niger Delta known for valuing education and producing accomplished individuals, is now facing a troubling rise in illegal activities among its youth.

He expressed concern over the involvement of Gokana youths in activities such as armed robbery, money rituals, prostitution, internet fraud, pipeline vandalism, land grabbing, and political thuggery, stressing that these activities lead to dire consequences, including doom and a tragic end for those involved.

Reverend Williams who defined illicit wealth accumulation as the illegal movement of money, often associated with corruption, smuggling, tax evasion, and terrorist financing, pointed out that such activities not only harm the perpetrators but also have far-reaching negative impacts on society.

The consequences of illicit wealth accumulation, Reverend Williams explained, include loss of revenue, investment, and market legitimacy for countries and companies. Citizens are left disenfranchised, exposed to violence and health risks, and deprived of financial gains.

“The purpose of this address is to pass a vote of no confidence on this sudden bizarre crave for wealth by our younger brothers and sisters, the youths, and to make a clarion call for the life of probity and due diligence in our pursuit of our God-given ambitions”, he said.

He lamented specifically that in Gokana, pipeline vandalism by youths has led to environmental degradation, poor agricultural yields, and hazardous air quality.

Calling for a rejection of these primitive tendencies, the OPA leader urged the youth to pursue their ambitions through probity and due diligence. He highlighted that socioeconomic status encompasses not only wealth but also educational attainment, occupational prestige, and overall happiness achieved through justified means.

The Reverend concluded by encouraging Gokana youths to aim higher and make positive contributions to their community. He reaffirmed his belief in their potential to achieve greatness through legitimate endeavors and called for a collective effort to restore integrity and prosperity in Gokana.

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