Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs Strengthens Hope Of Widows

…Affirms Their Place In God’s ‘Touch Not’ Group

The Chairman of the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation, High Chief Dr Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs, has described widows as belonging to the ‘touch not’ group in God’s heart.

Ministering at a thanksgiving service organized by the African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA), one of the Foundation’s partners at the Chapel of God International Worship Centre, Old GRA, Port Harcourt on Sunday, Dr Lulu-Briggs explained that God is the husband of widows and  he provides for and protects them as His ‘touch not’.

Urging action and advocacy to support widows who face suffering and societal neglect, the Foundation’s Chairman encouraged widows to trust in God and seek spiritual solace, referencing biblical verses like Psalm 68:5 and Jeremiah 49:11.

She said: “The situation for widows and their children in Nigeria, across Africa and around the world is dire, with one in ten living in extreme poverty. The urgency of their appalling predicament demands our immediate action.

“This year’s theme, “Accelerating the achievement of gender equality,” is a powerful call to action, and I urge us to persist in our advocacy for gender equality, including strengthening land and property rights across Nigeria”, she said, adding, “Land and property rights are critical areas we can significantly impact.

Despite their invaluable contributions to our economies, women face legal, cultural, and social barriers that prevent them from owning or inheriting land and property.

Without secure land rights, women are vulnerable to discrimination, poverty, exploitation, and displacement. They lack the collateral to access credit, cannot invest in their futures, and struggle to care for families.

“Every woman has the right to own land, inherit property, and enjoy the security and independence these rights provide. We must work together to create a future where gender equality is a reality.”

While advocating for legal support and empowerment for widows, she highlighted the efforts of organizations like AWLA. She commended them for dedicating time and resources to uplift the widows.

Dr. Seinye Lulu-Briggs reminded the widows of the transient nature of earthly efforts and the importance of preparing for eternal life and the resurrection and urged personal alignment with God’s will and transformation through faith, drawing parallels with Apostle Paul’s journey.

The Chairman assured them that she and others would not relent in supporting widows. She said, “To every widow out there, I stand in solidarity with you and say you are not forgotten. You are not invisible.

Millions of people like me get up every day, not just on International Widows Day, and work to change your situation to empower you. And we will continue to do so.

Together, we will accelerate the achievement of gender equality and create a better world for ourselves and future generations”.

The acclaimed philanthropist also emphasized the need for everyone, including widows, to embrace salvation and the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The highlight of the Thanksgiving session was the administration of Holy Communion to widows alongside the generous distribution of food and gift items by the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation.

There was also free medical treatment for the women during an outreach organized with the Rivers State chapter of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria.

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