Fight Against COVID-19 Is Scientific Not Politics – Abe

Former representative of the Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly has admonished Politicians especially, State Governors in Nigeria not to politicise the fight against the Coronavirus but to take advice from professionals in the health sector in order to win the war against the pandemic.

Abe made the appeal while speaking on a National Television Program in Abuja, Nigeria recently, stating that if Politicians begin to use common sense to attack the Virus, it may lead to mistakes that will put the people at a greater risk.

He decried the lack of a proper legislative foundation to deal with the kind of challenge that the novel Coronavirus has thrown-up, therefore, certain mistakes should be accommodated.

The Senator commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his leadership acumen and the Presidential Task Force under the Secretary to Government for the much they have been able to achieve especially the boost accorded the NCDC and steps taken to contain the pandemic, given the fact that it is a learning curve for everybody.

Abe said: “This is a scientific issue, nobody can see the virus, it is only the scientists that are using their microscope to see the Virus. So we need to allow those people who can see it, and who can understand it, to advice us on how to go about it. 

I think that if Politicians begin to use common sense to attack the Virus, we may inadvertently make mistakes that will put our people at a greater risk.

I will like to advise all Politicians to allow the scientists, experts that they themselves have appointed to be involved in what they are doing and to advice them.

 If you look at the Federal level, you will see the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force, he takes his queue from the professionals and experts. They are the ones who actually look at what is going on and the Federal Government acts based on that scientific advise, and that is commendable”.

The former Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), at the 8th Senate enjoined the people to continue to corporate with one another, adhere to measures put in place to win the war against COVID-19, support the NCDC and the Federal Government, saying: ‘we’ll be able to flatten the curve sooner than we think and a lot of these restrictions will be lifted’.

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