Waste Management Potential, Good For Post COVID-19 – Environmentalist

An environmental scientist, Mr. Gordon Emmanuel has called on youths of Port Harcourt and the Nigerian youths generally to take advantage of the opportunities available in the post COVID-19 by showing more interest in waste management, as a way of improving the economic conditions of the people.

He stated this in an interview with National Network over the weekend. The environmentalist, who is also a safety instructor stressed the need for individuals to re-engineer their thinking by considering options based on the present realities brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “One thing is obvious, the way we live and conduct business is no longer the way we will continue to do it. Many people are oblivious of this fact.

“World over, there are new ways to do old things. Job loses are on the increase. People need to figure out new ways of making a living.”

According to him, waste business is probably one of the most sought after businesses. He said that most countries in Europe and the West returned back to life by cleaning the environment, either by deconterminating public places and offices. He remarked that some others engaged cleaners to sanitize their wares and business premises.

But, he noted that rather than sit by and complain, Rivers and Nigerian youths should take on new challenges, especially in an area yet to be harnessed maximally.

He said that waste recycle technology has made doing new businesses easy. He emphasized the fact that the use of waste plastic has added more business opportunities for younger people in the society.

He informed that gathering of plastic bottles have become pronounced and yet many are yet to take full advantage of the waste sector.

Mr. Emmanuel said that for serious business minded people, there are gains in the business. According to him, a tonnage of plastic bottles, when pressed together can fetch as much as N100,000.00, just like half of it could fetch a gatherer about N50,000.00.

He noted that when the youths take advantage of waste management business the environment will also benefit.” For instance, when plastic gatherers embark on their business, it will lead to riding the state of plastic wastes. This will affect our water ways and the general environment positively as they would get cleaner and safer for all.

            The astute environmentalist  called on investors to take advantage of waste business by investing in waste recycling in Rivers State, which capable of yielding revenues for the state as well as boosting employment opportunities for young people in the state.

            He encouraged the youth to consider waste management and agriculture as a way of imbibing the spirit of entrepreneurship, following the economic situation world over.

            He used the opportunity to stress the need for preservation of the environment to safe the mother-earth and the future.

            He therefore called upon all and sundry to regard nature by keeping a clean and healthy environment.

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