How I Created HA-19 – Prof. Ekpe

The Managing Director of Inapow Trado-Medicine Clinic, HRM, Professor Peter Ekpe has revealed how he created HA-19, a herbal remedy that boosts immunity and cures HIV/AIDS.

Professor Ekpe made the disclosure on the sideline of the 21st anniversary celebration of HA-19 last week.

According to him, in the wake of the ravaging HIV/AIDS pandemic that entered Nigeria in the 80s and was killing people on a large scale, he went into research and came out with the herbal remedy in 1999.

He said the medicine was certified and he has been using it to treat people infected with HIV/AIDS and they have been getting cured and well.

He disclosed that people who took the product had testified to its efficacy, stressing however that his clinic does not sell HA-19 off the counter, but markets online where it has global reach.

The renowned trado medicine practitioner related his experience with a government agency which registered his product but later turned round to claim that his file was lost. He adduced it as one of the reasons he now guides his products jealously to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Professor Ekpe who is constantly breaking new grounds said he has again formulated anti-COVID-19 medicine. Relating how he produced it, he said: “When the Coronavirus came in February, I went into research and on March 24, I created anti COVID-19 medicine.

On the efficacy of the product, he has this to say: “The efficacy is that when you are sick and you are healed, the medicine is efficiacious”,

Like other products, the COVID-19 herbal remedy is on Facebook and is sold on line.

Meanwhile, people who had used professor Ekpe’s products have testified to their efficacy.

Sofiri George Peterside of the Department of Sociology, University of Port Harcourt who spoke to our correspondent at the anniversary said HA-19 builds immunity, stressing that if the immune system is strong it would be difficult for any virus to penetrate.

He said although, he was not a patient, the testimonies he heard from people indicate that HA-19 is very efficacious in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. He disclosed that he had recommended the product to close associates.

Speaking on the COVID-19 herbal remedy, Peterside said it is a preventive thing, adding that although people had not tested positive to it, the fact to underscore is that it builds somebody’s immunity and if somebody’s immune system is built the person is shielded from diseases and viruses.

He commended Professor Ekpe for his ingenuity in formulating the herbal remedies and urged him not to be deterred by the Nigerian government who seems to prefer foreigners and foreign products.

The well known academician said government officials have been blinded by imperialistic tendencies that is why they believe that anything that comes from Europe and America is international.

He urged Nigerian authorities to recognize their own and treat them with respect and dignity.

Dr. Peter Dubon also commended the ingenuity of Professor Peter Ekpe, stressing that his herbal products boost immunity and cures various diseases.

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