Empty Yourself, Pray To Get Best From Church, Clergyman Urges

Christian faithful have been called upon to get closer to God at this critical time and be ready to pray and empty themselves before their maker to get the best from the church.

This formed part of the message preached during the last Sunday service at Rhema Chapel International Churches, Port Harcourt as the congregation came together to receive soothing word from the church to cope with the present challenges.

Preaching the word, the Chapel Administrator of the Church, Minister Wale Pirisola, who focused his ministration on ‘Getting the Best from God/ remarked that God put together institution such as the church for His children to be blessed. He said that getting the best would require doing the work the way it should be done. “The Church is not the building anymore, but an assembly of people called out by God,” he said as he quoted from the book of Ephesians 5:23 that Christ is the head of the church and savior of the body.

He enjoined Christians to at this critical time endeavour to have a word from God and allow such to drive them. He also stressed the need to be excited about the church, just like the biblical David demonstrated on the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.

But, the preacher warned that no man can get anything from the church when he chooses to carry the world into the church. He said that an exciting spirit would always have a positive attitude believing that God can do anything.

However, he said to get the best out of the church, individuals must among other necessities empty themselves, be humble, have an open mind, be ready . to pray and have an expectation.

The Sunday service took place with an evidence of observation of the measures against COVID-19, such as social distancing and wearing of face mask in the auditorium, among others.

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