Our Politics Should Be About Progress, Prosperity, Not Burial

Former representative of Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has said that politicians should play politics of progress and prosperity and not to focus on the physical or political death and burial of any individual.

 Reacting to different publications in recent times, sponsored by his political opponents announcing his physical and political death and burial, Senator Abe in a statement by his Spokesperson, Parry Saroh Benson decried the attitude and behaviour of some politicians who are totally focused on the death and burial of their political opponents instead of focusing on the progress and prosperity of the Nation.

 He condemned such negative mindsets describing it as undemocratic and evil.

 The Senator said: “This kind of burial without end has become shameful to those who conceive and imagine these negative thoughts.

Everyday you bury Senator Abe in the morning, by evening you are shouting about the same man you buried in the morning and then you bury him again and again”.

 He recalled that some politicians of Ogoni descent and their cohorts two years ago, carried out a funeral procession with his name on a coffin in Bori furtherance of their politics of hatred and bitterness.

 “It got to the point where a coffin with Senator Abe was carried on live television in Bori and buried, yet Senator Abe is still here.

 The purpose of our politics should not be the burial of anyone. It should be about the progress and prosperity of our nation.

 I represent the truth, the truth does not die and so it can never be buried.

 Real people cannot bury the truth, hirelings, with real names or pseudo names cannot bury the truth”.

 He rebuffed those who indulge in such uncanny lifestyle to think positively for their own good.

 “Let us focus on what is real; change is always a painful process. But change must come,” Abe admonished.

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