Rivers Council Of Scout Association Of Nigeria Gets New Leadership

The Scout Association of Nigeria, Rivers State Scout Council held its election on the 29th August, 2020 to elect a new State Scout Commissioner (SSC).

The election considered to be free and fair by the delegates and observers had three contestants for the exalted position of the SSC.

Isaac Isaiah, Godwin Boms and Monima Karibi Whyte were the contestants for the SSC position.

Earlier before the election proper, other activities were carried out by the association which include the Extra Ordinary Annual General Meeting for the inauguration of a New State Scout Council and Election/Appointment of a new State Scout Commissioner.

The State President of the Council and Chief Judge of Rivers State, Justice Atama Iye Iyayi Lamikanra was ably represented at the event by the Chief Registrar of the High Court, V.L Kobani Buzugbe Esq. who read the President’s address and similarly inaugurated the State Scout Council.

Earlier, Official Investiture of the State President, Deputy President and others were carried out to the admiration of the delegates and observers, who applauded them.

The election, supervised by Election Committee Officials was conducted with ease, as there was no issue of fraudulent malpractices and vote buying.

At the end, Monima Karibi Whyte polled Sixty (60) votes to beat Godwin Boms who polled fourteen (14) votes, while the third contestant had earlier withdrawn from the race.

In his post election speech, Karibi Whyte a lawyer by profession did not hide his love for the Scout Association, promising to reposition the organization and create an enabling environment for the Scout Association to thrive and gain its rightful place.

He assured that he was going to run an all-inclusive administration and forge a common front for all Scout members to move forward.

Many poured encomiums on the newly elected Scout Commissioner, saying he is fully prepared to take up the responsibility of leadership.

Augustine Emeka Onuibere, State Training Commissioner and Chairman of Election Committee lauded everyone for their peaceful conduct during the election, assuring that the new helmsman has all it takes to pilot the affairs of the association to a greater height.

Similarly, Headquarters Commissioner, Gloria Atsegwasi, expressed hope and confidence that Karibi Whyte will perform above expectation, pointing out that his manifesto meant well for the growth of the Scout Association.

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