PDP Campaign Condemns APC’s Attack on Jegede…Says Akeredolu is Mortally Afraid of Jegede

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign council for Ondo governorship election vehemently condemns the attack on our candidate, Eyitayo Jegede by hooded men in the convoy of jittery Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, in which our members were severely wounded and our campaign vehicles vandalized.

This attack by APC assailants with Governor Akeredolu reportedly in the convoy, confirms that the failed Ondo state governor is mortally afraid of Eyitayo Jegede, as a result of his soaring popularity and now seeks every means to scuttle the decision of the people elect him (Jegede) on October 10. 

It is indeed unfortunate that Governor Akeredolu will opt to tread this path, as already confirmed by the self-confessed APC militant and former APC chairman in Ondo state, Isaac Kekemeke, who openly boasted that the governor was behind the violent attacks against our candidate and campaign in the state.

Evidently, Governor Akeredolu and his party are intimidated by Eyitayo Jegede’s soaring rating as well as the warm reception he has been receiving from leaders and groups across the state and had to attack him in Oba Akoko, where he was received by the highly revered Oloba of Oba, Oba Nathaniel Adegoroye.

We know that Governor Akeredolu’s uneasiness over our candidate had heightened following the overwhelming crowd of Ondo people who graced our campaign flag-off last Saturday to establish their unbending solidarity for Eyitayo Jegede. 

Of course, our candidate has become the rallying point of the people in their quest to rescue their state from the misrule of Governor Akeredolu. 

Our campaign appreciates the courage displayed by the people of Ondo state in resisting the APC assailants and defending our candidate. Indeed, but for the intervention of the good people of Ondo state, who immediately came out to defend our candidate, the situation would have been worse. 

We also appreciate well-meaning APC members who had called our candidate and our campaign to condemn the attack and show solidarity to our candidate.

We however seriously condemn the action of the Police and other security operatives attached Governor Akeredolu’s convoy for taking no steps to stop the attackers, who also threatened other innocent citizens.  

Our campaign further restates the call by our party and other well-meaning Nigerians to Governor Akeredolu to stop being a sour loser as he would not be the first state governor in our country that would lose in a election due to poor performance. 

Governor Akeredolu should come to terms with the fact that his time is up. He should accept the decision of the people of Ondo state to replace him with Eyitayo Jegede as no amount of violence, threats, mudslinging and propaganda can change that resolve.

On our own part, our candidate, who is the people’s candidate, will remain undeterred in our focus to provide good governance for the people of Ondo state.

In any case, let it also be known that while our party and candidate will continue to canvass for peace, the PDP and the people of Ondo state will not fold our hands in the face of any such attack but will not hesitate to use every means necessary and available in a democracy to confront and vanquish these enemies of the people. 

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