Rivers People Comment On Nigeria’s Positive Aspects At 60th Independence

A cross section of people resident in Rivers State have commented on Nigeria’s positive aspects as the country celebrated its 60th independence anniversary.

A resident named John said that there is peace in the country despite challenges facing the people saying that Nigerians have decided to live in peace and unity despite the challenges.

Another resident named Godspower said that there was medical breakthrough in the country saying that medical science was able to separate conjoined twins in the country.

They were reacting on the positive aspects of the country in a radio programme as Nigeria celebrated on October 1 its 60th independence anniversary.

Nigeria gained its independence from Britain on October 1, 1960.

A caller on the programme said that the country was making progress in the conduct of elections but noted there was still room for improvement.

The caller named Gabriel said: “I think our electoral process has improved a lot. Let me judge from the (recent) election in Edo State and say that the electoral umpire really did a good job. Nigeria has actually achieved a lot in this area but I hope we still upgrade.”

Another caller on the programme said that Nigerians were accommodating while a caller also said there had been the smooth transition of power.

The caller said  democracy was unheard of when the military was at the helm of affairs in the country.

Another female caller said that Nigerians were strong and determined.

She said that despite challenges facing the country, Nigerians were determined and have resolved never to give up.

She said that she had hope for a better future.

A caller named Paul also described Nigerians as “very hospitable” adding that they had “phenomenal entrepreneurship strength”.

The caller also said from his observations Nigerians were very truthful people.

He said that the Nigerian story would have been among the finest in the world if the country’s leadership had done better.

The caller said: “I have quite a good knowledge of the different regions of this country and I want to say that Nigerians are very hospitable people. Nigerians are (also) very peaceful people. There is so much history about this country. Our leaders may not have provided the enabling environment necessary but supposing they have done so the Nigerian story would have been one of the finest in the comity of nations (and) I want to (also) say (that) Nigerians are wonderful people.”

A caller named Leonard however said that nothing was wrong with the country but lamented that the country’s leadership was bringing bad image to the country.

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