Rivers State Covid-19 Committee Directs Schools To Set Up Compliance Teams

Rivers State Government Committee for the Compliance of COVID-19 protocols has directed schools to set up monitoring teams to sustain current compliance level.

Chairman of the Committee, Ambassador Desmond Akawor gave the directive shortly after monitoring the compliance level of COVID-19 protocols in some schools.

Ambassador Akawor appealed to the various school authorities to constitute students and teachers into teams to help the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols internally.

“For us to sustain the tempo on what we have seen today, it is important for principals of schools to set up their own monitoring teams.

“Such teams will ensure there is effective COVID-19 compliance. They can keep the awareness level high so that people do not relax.

“Some schools  have good equipment installed and others have wash hand bays. The children are also carrying their own sanitisers. We appeal to them to sustain the tempo”, he said.

Ambassador Akawor expressed dismay over the danger students are exposed when they are out of the school premises.

He said students are guided to observe the COVID-19 protocols in schools but are faced with a society where many people still live in denial.

“For those who are still living in denial, they need to know that coronavirus is real. It is affecting people adversely. We all need to protect ourselves and others.

“For the students, the danger we see is troubling. Those in schools without boarding facilities, return home daily.

“Look around, most people are walking around without wearing face masks .  If students practice COVID-19 protocols in the classrooms and meet a different situation when they get back to the society, nothing has been achieved.

“Our appeal to members of the public is that they should take wearing of face mask serious and maintain social distancing. These are simple things to do to protect life and avoid incidences of death”, he stated.

The Committee visited Holy Rosary Girls Secondary School, Arch Deacon Crowther Memorial Girls School, Trinitate Secondary School and the Brook Stone High School.

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