‘Before You Say I Do,’ Clergyman Cautions Couples, Singles

Intending couples and single men and women of marriageable age have been counselled to ensure they are fully persuaded in their hearts before agreeing to any marriage proposal based on challenges that often follow marriages in future and the need to carry God along with sincere heart.

In a sermon titled: ‘Before You Say I do’, the Minister- in- Charge, Rhema Chapel International Churches, Port Harcourt Zonal Headquarters, Pastor Abiola  Ajadi charged the congregation, especially the church singles  whose convention just ended on Sunday to be prepared to ask and answer vital questions, after thoughtful consideration before venturing into marriage.

Pastor Ajadi said: “You need to know that marriage is more than what you you think it is. Ask relevant questions before you say I do. Use relevant questions as a spiritual gauge and checkmate.

According to him, an intending couple need to ask, ‘am I ready for marriage?’ he lamented that without this kind of question, many have made a shipwreck of their marriages because they were not fully ready.

He stated that preparation of the heart is key in order not to regret later in life.

According to him, another question should be, ‘why do I want to marry now?’

He noted that many, based on their advance age believe that it is time to get married, while other feel that it will be an avenue for them to cure lust which they struggle with.

The Man of God emphasized that marriage is never a cure for lust and advised that the best way to address lust in anyone’s life is to endeavour to face it and overcome  the challenge before going into marriage. “You will even begin to do worse in your marriage if you don’t deal with lust.

Wedding ceremony is different from  marriage. Marriage is the reality with real tests of life. It is only for the matured people.”

Moving ahead, he noted that part of the question will include ,’am I really convinced of this relationship? And , how well do I know the other person?’ ; Does your partner have a genuine relationship with God? The clergyman advised that a good relationship with God is what it takes to keep the relationship to the end.

“There are fake relationships, that is why a person who claims to be born again Christian may turn out to be a wife beater,” he said. Pastor Ajadi  warned Christian singles not to be yoked with unbelievers in marriage. He condemned the attitude of some persons who claim they can change a man or a woman and stressed that it only takes God to change a man or a woman.”When you have the fear of God in you, you won’t have the tendencies to beat your wife,” he declared.

The Man of God equally called on intending couples to consider other vital questions such as, ‘are you compatible?’ ‘Are you marriageable?’ ‘ Can you manage the little your partner has put down and turn it around?’ ; ‘what is your health status?’

He noted that marriage calls for sincerity because it is an eye opener regarding every issue.

He added that marriage relationship between man and a woman is more than physical and more of spiritual, while encouraging those who have established their convictions to  ensure they were persuaded based on their faith by taking the right step.

He concluded that marriage can be enjoyed when God is in it for a couple and they have made up their minds to always do the right things.

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