Nigeria, Better As One Indivisible Entity – Says Parish Priest

The Parish Priest of Christ The King Catholic Church, Mile One Diobu, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Very Rev. Monsignor John Wangbu has charged the Nigerian leaders to work towards amicable relationship of all the federating units of the country as according to him, “Nigeria is better and stronger as one indivisible entity.”

He stated this in a chat with newsmen in his office in Port Harcourt over the weekend.

He observed that Nigeria says that it is emulating the American system of government while in practice it is not, in the real sense of it, adding that the problem of the country is with the leaders.

The man of God expressed happiness that despite the country’s challenges, it has remained one united family.

He however, advocated for devolution of power to the regions or at most a true federalism where every state embarks on a healthy competition to develop their areas and contribute to the centre.

Wangbu lamented that despite the attainment of 60 years of the country’s independence anniversary, Nigeria is a sahara desert of poverty and corruption.

“There is poverty everywhere and corruption is endemic in the whole system, right from the home to the primary schools.”

He made it known that corruption has been Nigerian culture and that it requires a very strong and drastic solution to sanitize the system right from the home, adding that Nigerians are yet to embrace God enough.

“Our churches and mosques attendants make only emotional impact on us because we have refused to see God in all our approaches. We need to sanitize the system by changing the way we do things,” he said.

On the current national protest against police brutality and bad governance in general by the youths, the man of God said every individuals or group has the right to protest but frowned at the violent ones with its attendant destruction of lives and property.

He however cautioned both parties in the dispute. “The point has been made. The youths have to listen to the government as they have promised to look into their grievances because one person must bend in a dispute,” he said.

On the rumourned Islamization of the country by the Fulani herdsmen, an alleged federal governments agenda, Monsignor Wangbu assured that the policy is not possible.

“The said programme is a suspicions and has not been proved. I don’t think it would come to fruition as Nigeria is a secular state and belongs to all of us”, he said.

On the incessant killings of Christians in the country by the herdsmen, while condemning the action, the man of God advised the Christians to continue relying on prayers and leaving vengeance to God whom he noted, vengeance belongs to.

He however admitted that there was nothing wrong if circumstances demand Christians to take up arms to defend themselves, adding that even moral theology permits self defence as no one folds his/her arm if an armed robber evades his/her home. He however prays for God’s speedy intervention.

On the implication of the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) as amended, to the churches, the former Sole Administrator, Rivers State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board said the provisions in the law is not different from what is obtained in other advanced countries.

He admitted however, that though every law in Nigeria is suspect because there is always a kind of abuse in its interpretation.

“It is presumed that the law is targeted at the body of Christ which must be resisted by all meaningful Nigerians. The poor is always the wealth of the church,” he stated.

He said it is wrong for the federal government which is temporal to monitor or check the financial books of the churches which is spiritual. “For the federal government to think it can investigate the churches through this act is unthinkable,” he said.

Monsignor Wangbu also disclosed that even the lawyers are equally kicking against the law. “Lawyers in the country feel that the law is suspect and believed that it was smuggled through the back door to achieve its target on the Christians,” saying the policy is dead on arrival.

On the controversy that has engulfed the Rivers State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) since the inception of the present executives, Monsignor Wangbu said it was unfortunate that some Christian leaders have made themselves a willing tools for the devil.

He lamented that the Christian body has allowed the politicians to infiltrate into their ranks.

“CAN should understand that they are the body of Christ. We are in the world and cannot be of the world,” he said.

He made it clear that the creation of CAN is essentially for the unity of all Christian in Nigeria, speaking and acting in one voice, advising that the leadership should not be distracted. He also used the opportunity to appeal to the Christian leaders to sow peace and pursue peace in all they do.

He made it clear that the Ecumenical Centre was built and donated by the Rivers State governor for the unity of the churches and that there is no reason why some persons would justify the continuous denial of the present CAN executives the place for God’s activities if they love God.

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