Boss Rescues Staff From Ejection

What would have been a disaster for a middle-aged man, who is also a father of four has   turned out to be  a relief  when his boss intervened in his tenement issues, just as his landlady was about issuing  him a quit notice.

National Network newspaper gathered that, Anthony  Tubo, an architect by profession had a spill over rents from 2019 till date, a situation we leant made her landlady uncomfortable and resorted to quit his tenant.

According to our investigations, Anthony, a resident of Oroazi, opposite Rumuola Road had a tough time working without payment in an engineering/ construction company located in Port Harcourt for a period  running into  eight months. This happened at a time he was caught between leaving the present job and hunting for another until the management of the company called a meeting and assured all the affected staff that the company would pay the backlog.

He said that the assurance given by the management both encouraged him to stay and remained confident of the payment of his debts, including a house rent of two years.

He stated that  the landlady of a two-storey building where he and his family members  live had continued to send messages through phone and the caretaker of the house without any response from him. According to Anthony, the landlady became impatient when  it occurred to her that the caretaker may be conniving with her tenant to give inaccurate account of payments .

Anthony informed that when he could not cope with the amount of threats of ejection coming his way, he was forced to communicate his ordeal to his boss in the office who felt sorry for his.

Tony said:” When my boss got to know about what I had gone through, he first placed a call to my landlady ,taking responsibility for the backlog of house rent against me. He then signed an agreement with the madam( landlady ) to defray the payments in tranches.

“I thank God that both of them agreed and part of the money had been paid. I thank my boss because I know how many tenants had been forced out of the house in a six block of flat.”

He explained that it was true his company went through challenging times prior to the coming COVID-19 and was yet to recover. He added that he decided to cope up with initial part payment of his salary which he said was there to support him and hid fairly large family.

“It was one of my co-tenants that encourage me to bring the matter  to the notice of my company Director when it was getting out of hands. I thank God that the advice was followed and worked for my”, he said recounting what he had gone through trying to see if he could borrow money without any result.

He thanked the landlady whom he said is a widow with six children for her understanding and appealed to other landlords to consider their tenants during hard times which is currently affecting families everywhere because of the state of the economy and the consequences of corona virus pandemic across the nations of the world.

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